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Enterprise application integration details supplied by vendorsAttachmatee-Vantage solutionsAttachmate's EAI services and technology lets organisations integrate real-time information from legacy sources with front-office applications such as CRM, HR management, and ERP applications.

Attachmate facilitates an organisation's move into the Internet economy through the Five R strategy - a choice of refacing, repurposing, restructuring, re-engineering or replacing legacy systems.

The e-Vantage Host Access Server controls who has access to the host, what they see once they get there and how they stay updated with the latest software. It provides centralised, enterprise-wide management of e-Vantage clients, supporting a mix of client types through a single centralised management and control console. E-Vantage Enterprise Access Objects enables organisations to transform from traditional bricks-and-mortar companies to e-business enterprises. Comprising a set of COM objects and ActiveX controls, it establishes direct, two-way, real-time connections with mainframe, Unix/VMS and AS/400 enterprise host systems. Built-in support for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption protects sensitive information transmitted externally.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (02) 9249 7200


BEA Systems

BEA eLink

This is an end-to-end EAI and business-to-business e-commerce integration server that enables enterprises to integrate business processes and applications across back and front office systems as well as to integrate with other business partners over the Web. The BEA eLink Integration Server provides transaction support, application connectivity, and business process and data integration options based on BEA's distributed, manageable and scalable e-commerce transaction platform. BEA eLink offers a portfolio of mainframe adapters that can be easily managed via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), and provides a full set of messaging paradigms, including asynchronous/synchronous, publish/subscribe, and request/response.

Pricing: on application

Contact: 1800 678 024


Candle Corporation

CandleNet eBusiness Platform

The CandleNet eBusiness Platform enables reuse of using existing code. It offers business agility and flexibility, reduces the amount of programming skill needed and leverages existing investment in legacy applications. The platform's features include portability, location transparency and application XML support or reusable business components can be built, which can then be used by multiple client applications on different platforms, or business services can be chained together as multiple business components.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (02) 9954 1500


Comdisco Australia

IT Control and Predictability Solutions (IT CAP)IT CAP is designed to deliver IT cost of ownership data and control and predictability improvements and to provide a set of online tools which analyse, identify and report on IT expenditure - from identifying total cost of total IT spending per seat, to building finance models for developing an optimum IT spending pattern, right down to managing vendor invoices. IT CAP can measure how hardware compares to industry 'best practice', and will assist in forecasting and controlling the costs of major new e-business, supply chain, and ERP implementations.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (02) 9956 7299




An integration software suite, e-Adapter acts as an application interface engine. It lets companies access and exchange information regardless of the computing platform on which it runs and makes unconnected 'islands of data' within an enterprise available to any B2C or B2B application.

The suite automates the exchange of information between disparate systems, databases, and applications - letting you conduct 'any-to-any' information exchange. It also works seemlessly with CommerceQuest's managed B2B service - enableNet. This provides subscription-based, secure B2B infrastructure over any network and directly integrates with dissimilar applications and links them to IBM MQSeries. e-Adapter uses file-to-message and message-to-file conversion techniques, as well as XML support, and masks the complexities of interacting with IBM MQSeries.

Pricing: on platform capacity

Contact: (02) 9955 3430



BusinessBus EAI solution

This is a business integration framework which layers on top of popular messaging transports and uses a non-invasive integration approach. Major components of BusinessBus are Integration Manager, Integration Platform, which provides a common, XML-compliant API, as well directory, security, and management services; BusinessBus Studio, a GUI for configuring the Integration Manager and managing the BusinessBus environment; and wrappers, which allow existing applications to interact with the BusinessBus API.

Pricing: on application

Contact: 1300 638 369


Computer Associates

Jasmine ii

This is CA's eBusiness platform that enables complete end-to-end integration of enterprise applications including operating systems, databases, productivity applications and services in an open extensible environment.

Jasmine ii provides a peer-to-peer message-oriented integration server with object-oriented application services that support, store and forward messaging as well as publish/subscribe event models. Jasmine can integrate existing data and business logic, provide intelligence through Neugents, and deliver products and services via a dynamic personalised interface.

Pricing: to be announced

Contact: (02) 9937 0500


GE ECXpress

GE Enterprise, Application Integrator

GE Enterprise is a message manager and corporate gateway solution package in which GE Application Integrator is a mapping, translation, and integration system that can blend seamlessly with existing business applications. Application Integrator operates in a variety of client/server environments, or as a stand-alone application, and features any-to-any mapping, enabling you to blend formerly incompatible formats such as EDI, proprietary XML and HTML formats, and other user define formats. This solution lets companies electronically exchange business documents, using the EDI or XML standards, or proprietary formats.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (02) 9957 9200



HP OpenView VantagePoint Operations

The family of enterprise application and systems management tools provides availability and performance monitoring for IT administrators to manage heterogeneous Unix and Windows environments from either a Microsoft Windows, HP-UX or Sun Solaris platform. The management environment can be extended to provide more in-depth application monitoring of databases, ERP applications and messaging applications; and Internet services.

An intelligent, low overhead agent is deployed to each system to be managed. Forwarding of important events only to the management server results in low network traffic and high scalability. Events are not lost, as the agent is not dependent on SNMP for transporting events to the management server.

When problems are detected in the IT environment, VantagePoint provides a navigable, visual representation of the business services that are dependent on the IT elements.

Pricing: VantagePoint Manager for Windows starts from around $35,000Contact: (03) 9272 4097www.openview.hp.comIBMMQSeriesIBM MQSeries messaging products enable applications to exchange information between 35-plus IBM and non-IBM platforms, even if the target program is not currently running.

Message queues in a cluster can automatically configure and define their resources with one another, balance work among themselves, and provide "hot standby" in case of failure. MQSeries supports publish/subscribe.

Users and applications can register interest in, and receive information about, topics of their choice. MQSeries connects your business software together to form one efficient, integrated enterprise community-wide system by providing an open, scalable, industrial-strength messaging information backbone, that unites business processes across different computing platforms.

Programs are portable, programmers are freed from handling network complexity, and system administration is reduced.

Pricing: from $7118 per program

package (includes two capacity units).

Contact: 13 24 26



AppCenter 4 and Inprise Application Server 4AppCenter provides software-based centralised management and control for distributed applications running on multiple hardware and software platforms. It provides tools that allow you to model, monitor and manage applications. Distributed architectures provide the opportunity for developing new types of applications, with new levels of fault tolerance, scalability and performance.

Inprise Application Server is an integrated, end-to-end solution that offers GUI-based development, deployment, and management on a foundation of enterprise-strength, standards-based transactions, security, and object communications software. It provides integration with popular IDEs, to a robust framework for secure two-phase commit across heterogeneous data sources. These solutions are easily developed, managed, and extended using technology such as Java, Corba, and SSL.

Contact: 1800 632 266


Progress Software

Progress SonicMQ

This is a flexible and scalable Java Message Server (JMS) implementation designed to simplify the development and integration of highly distributed enterprise applications and Internet-based business solutions.

Fully JMS compliant, 100 per cent Java-based SonicMQ provides a full range of messaging features, including point-to-point and publish-and-subscribe. XML Message Format extends SonicMQ's Java messaging capabilities beyond basic JMS message types to include the XML standard. Multiple broker support lets multiple message servers be connected (clustered), enabling clients to exchange information across a distributed network.

Pricing: SonicMQ Developer Edition: Free download from www.sonicmq.com, SonicMQ Workgroup Edition: $1710 /Server, SonicMQ Enterprise Edition: $5120 /CPUContact: 1800 776 473www.sonicmq.comProphecy InternationalProphecy e-FoundationThis provides a rapid application assembly environment for creating and integrating enterprise and e-business solutions. e-Foundation provides an established applications infrastructure, reducing much of the time required for infrastructure issues such as database access, client/server processing, data dictionaries, diagnostic tools, menus and security. It provides this essential functionality that does not deliver any direct business benefit with the result that a software development team has additional time to concentrate on building business functionality for competitive advantage.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (08) 8364 4411


Sitara Networks


QosWorks is a quality of service (QoS) appliance for enabling e-business networks. It enables deployment of Internet-based applications without compromising core business applications or upgrading infrastructure. With QosWorks, network managers can prioritise Internet traffic and let e-business applications share bandwidth with other applications.

The appliance integrates all the QoS tools needed to handle the different applications running on today's networks onto an open, extensible platform and provides multiple traffic management techniques and caching for fine-grain control over HTTP, TCP, UDP and non-IP traffic, improving actual response times and network efficiency.

Pricing: ranges from QW3000 (up to 64Kbps) $4300, to QW3000 (up to 100Mbps) $43,250.

Contact: (02) 8912 2170



ActiveEnterprise and ActiveExchange

This software provides end-to-end, real-time e-business infrastructures to enable B2B e-commerce connections. ActiveEnterprise builds the platform that joins together the suite of enterprise applications while ActiveExchange is a set of products that offer a B2B platform to enable enterprise hubs and e-marketplaces to connect suppliers, distributors and partners. It enables secure and real-time commerce transactions directly with other enterprises and through B2B commerce intermediaries.

The first two products in the ActiveExchange family are TIB/BusinessConnect and TIB/BusinessPartner. TIB/BusinessConnect interconnects a company's systems and processes directly with partners, customers and vendors, and can be distributed to partners, customers and vendors that don't have B2B commerce systems - enabling e-commerce to be conducted.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (02) 9266 3334




This is an application integration engine for EAI, B2B integration, dynamic trading communities and supply chain synchronisation. It supports business processes, workflows, and associated information flows by capturing and processing business events in real time.

It is neutral, which allows integration between different applications, platforms, databases and communication protocols, without the need for trading parties to have AMTrix installed to communicate or collaborate. It enables real-time information between trading partners, enabling organisations to manage mission-critical events within a public or private exchange. AMTrix supports all processes to synchronise supply chains. By leveraging Internet-based supply chain integration, customers, partners and suppliers can benefit in inventory visibility, order fulfilment and logistics asset utilisation.

AMTrix operates on Unix, Windows NT and AS/400, and supports messaging formats from EDI to XML.

Pricing: on configuration

Contact: (02) 9911 7788


WRQ Software


WRQ's application mining solution integrates legacy data into e-business applications. Apptrieve Web-enables legacy data without the need for legacy expertise or recoding. It is object-oriented software that lets organisations build e-business applications that integrate legacy data from IBM mainframe, AS/400, VAX and Unix host systems. It gives developers access to legacy business information without altering the host system and emulates host data on the Apptrieve server.

Developers then view the legacy information as either databases or objects and integrate it into Web applications using languages such as Java, C++ or Visual Basic.

Apptrieve includes a graphical legacy application mapping tool, a development kit and a server. The legacy data is mapped using a simple point-and-click interface. It is then accessible via Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), or by using JavaBeans or COM objects.

Pricing: Developer kit starts at $1605. Servers start at $32,260 and additional concurrent sessions begin at $810.

Volume pricing available.

Contact: 0402 074 075


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