Network associates launches Active Security

Network Associates yesterday announced an enterprise security offering that integrates its tools with products and services from a number of other vendors to create a networked environment that reacts automatically to security breaches.

Network Associates' Active Security initiative is designed to link the company's security products, including McAfee Total Virus Defense, PGP Encryption, Gauntlet Firewall and CyberCop Intrusion Protection, and products from Microsoft, HP, Entrust Technologies Inc., and VeriSign. In addition, it links services from Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG and GTE Government Systems, according to a statement from Network Associates.

Network Associates' Event Orchestrator, the event manager part of the Active Security software, automatically links Network Associates' software with other vendors' products. For example, if a hacker breaks into a corporate network, the Active Security software detects the breach and automatically sends a message to the Event Orchestrator, the company said. Event Orchestrator then automatically communicates with all systems connected to or affected by the attack, which in turn trigger their own security measures, such as a firewall which would restrict access to the server, it said.

The hub-and-spoke architecture of Event Orchestrator lets other vendors tie their products into Active Security, and a range of vendors will do so, including the following:

Microsoft's Windows 2000 and Windows NT operating systems will support Active Security and the company's Proxy Server web caching and firewall product will be able to communicate with other security products through integration with Network Associates' Event Orchestrator;HP's distribution channel will offer Active Security as part of its CoVision initiative;Entrust's PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and VeriSign's digital certificates both will permit secure communications through Active Security and will also work with Network Associates' PGP VPN suite:

GTE Government Systems will provide some elements of Active Security to civilian and defence agencies, and other integration firms, including Ernst & Young, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers will work with Network Associates to establish "best practices" for the deployment of Active Security.

The Active Security suite is available now, along with new releases of some of its security products: Gauntlet Firewall 5.0, CyberCop 5.0, CyberCop Monitor 5.0 and PGP VPN 6.5, according to the company's statement. The new releases have been reworked to communicate with Event Orchestrator or the standards-based Net Tools PKI so that an enterprise's security products can work in concert, it said.

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