Startups in Australia battling with old fashioned mindset: Entrepreneur

Organiser of Startup Weekend Melbourne talks collaboration, trust and the sharing of ideas

Australian startups are battling with an old fashioned approach to business, a local entrepreneur has claimed.

Speaking to Computerworld Australia, the organiser of this weekend’s Melbourne startup event, Tyson Lundbech, said unlike startups overseas, Australian based companies are often hesitant to seek advice from their peers.

“We have a bit of an old mindset in Australia,” Lundbech said.

“We tend to think in terms of OK, we have to get a quarter of an acre block, we have to patent a new idea and we have to be reality, it’s about taking a risk, being radical, getting your idea out there, talking about it and making it happen.”

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Lundbech, who extended the tradition of startup events from overseas into Australia, said support for an idea in the US startup space would garner more support than one in Australia.

“Someone with a vision and an idea can really get funded and pushed forward overseas. Over here, it’s a whole different ball game,” he said.

“Australia is fairly untapped, and there is talent out there but it isn’t being as nurtured as what it should be. It’s not happening here what’s happening overseas.”

Lundbech said for Aussie’s wanting to make it as a startup, collaboration, trust and the sharing of ideas are the key.

“It’s about getting to market and getting out there. People won’t generally rip you off. People are likely to help you and work with you rather than rip you off,” he said.

“There’s so much you need to do and if you’re a single founder and have an idea, you need a bunch of committed people to drive the idea forward.”

Computerworld Australia recently spoke to Aussie startup Roamz about the successful launch of its first iPhone app which has reached 12,000 downloads in the 11 days since its launch.

Startup Weekend Melbourne is being held from 4 to 6 November

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