Tanda clocks up clock-in milestone

Brisbane startup hits 2 million clock-ins with time and attendance SaaS

Brisbane startup Tanda in September hit a milestone of 2 million clock-ins using its software.

The startup was founded in 2013 and produces cloud-based time and attendance software designed to take the pain out of dealing with timesheets and payroll.

Like many great ventures, beer played a vital role in the startup's inception, according to Tanda's Nick Burge.

It was founded by QUT students Jake Phillpot, Tasmin Trezise, Alex Ghiculescu and Josh Cameron.

The inspiration came during a visit to an on-campus bar, when the founders sought to devise a better way of dealing with the pub's timesheets.

Tanda gained its first paying customer in January 2013

“We always like to say that we're funded by our own customers and we've actually never taken on any venture capital,” said Burge, who heads up growth marketing for the startup.

The key demographic for Tanda is typically businesses with 50+ employees, Burge said.

“As a business we don't want to 'trick' any of our customers into signing up just because we want their money – all of our customers actually get extremely good value out of what we offer,” Burge said.

The startup's service is endorsed by a number of franchisers and counts among its customers Telstra, Subway and Red Rooster stores.

Although the company has plans to one day tackle the US, the Australian market for Tanda is large enough to deliver sustainable growth, Burge said.

“There's actually quite a huge market here and we can really grow in Australia,” Burge said.

“Our biggest competitor is people using paper time sheets. So it's just trying to convince people that using paper time sheets and doing eight hours of payroll is not normal, or at least shouldn't be normal.

“It's actually just trying to convince them that there's actually a better way. If we can get people to listen, it's quite an easy sell.”

The company's proud of being funded by its customers and doesn't feel the need to rush for an injection of venture capital, Burge said.

"Building customer numbers and features is a core focus at the moment,” he said.

“We have a couple of huge features rolling out by the end of the year that might give us another step up compared to competitors”

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