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BEA Systems

BEA WebLogic Server is designed for business-critical, Java-based Web and e-business applications planning multi-tier application business logic and uses J2EE standards, especially Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB).

The server also provides XML integration examples for any XML-compliant parser and a complete implementation of Enterprise JavaBeans, Servlets, Java Server Pages, Java Messaging Service Java Database Connectivity. It includes native JDBC drivers for leading DBMS products and works with third-party JDBC drivers.

Pricing: on request

Contact: 1800 678 024

Computer Associates

CA's Jasmine ii extends Java technology to support most widely implemented Java standards. Its peer-to-peer architecture delivers objects - from any information source - to any peer, as needed. Jasmine ii's Java bindings let programmers manipulate all business data, regardless of source or type, as natural Java Beans.

Pricing: Not available

Contact: (02) 9937 0500


NuMega DevPartner 2.0 Java Edition is a suite of software development productivity tools which lets developers find problems with memory use, multithreading, code performance and test coverage. The suite extends beyond Java code supporting Web scripting technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, Java Server Pages and Active Server Pages.

Pricing: $1688.50 incl GST

Contact: 1300 130 261

Epicor Software

ePortal and eStoreFront. Epicor uses XML for application integration. Epicor ePortals are personalised Web applications allowing all users secured access to information about their business. The self-service XML-based Web navigation tool gives users appropriate, secured access to data. e by Epicor provides portals targeted at specific user groups to anyone with a browser. Epicor eCommerce StoreFront supports both B2B and B2C activity.

Pricing: on request

Contact: 1800 033 857

GE ECXpress

GE ECXpress has redeveloped and introduced a range of software and services to support XML initiatives in areas critical to B2B and e-commerce. GE ECXpress is also developing technology-sharing relationships with XML-capable ERP vendors. Software includes GE Interlinx Gateway, GE Application Integrator, GE Enterprise System - Message Broker, Purchasing Expert, GE WebTrading translates EDI to XML and flat file to XML.

Pricing: on request

Contact: (02) 9957 9200

Guava Interactive

SiteVine is an XML-based online content management system for general users. It lets managers interrogate the content, and retrieve and expand on the information depending on the data map behind the site, as well as share the data with other XML applications. Modules including e-commerce, forums, member only services and FTP areas can be incorporated to meet future site requirements and utilise existing data. Content can be profiled for secure access, and can also incorporate timelines to automatically archive it from view after set periods of time.

Pricing: $15,000

Contact: (02) 9929 0232

Hummingbird Australia

Enterprise Information Portals is a Web-based, single-screen window into the Enterprise and provides a centralised environment for analysis, forecasting, CRM on structured or unstructured data.

Pricing: $300 to $900 per user (dependant on site complexity)Contact: (02) 9409 2221www.hummingbird.comIntentiaMovex NextGen is the Java-based version of Intentia's ERP software. It is a fully Java enabled e-collaboration Enterprise Application Suite. Development of Movex e-business applications is based on the IBM Websphere Software Platform. Movex offers Java enabled applications for CRM, ERP, supply chain planning and execution (SCPE), partner relationship management (PRM), business performance management (BPM) and e-business.

Intentia's Java-based technology, provides users with low cost-of-ownership, high scalability and complete platform independence. It offers ability to run Movex NextGen on any major operating platform.

Pricing: on configuration.

Contact: (02) 8437 5600


The e-business applications division of Computer Associates markets BizWorks, an e-business intelligence suite to assist transition into e-commerce while preserving existing investments. It supports the integration of new applications with old, and provides a single, centralised view of the extended enterprise in real time. BizWorks leverages Jasmine ii, Unicenter TNG and Neugents and can use past events to predict future events, trends, and issue management alerts; it supports Java and XML programs and can communicate with applications written in Java Beans and XML format.

Pricing: on request

Contact: (02) 9937 0850

Lotus Development

XML Toolkit lets developers create and process content in Domino databases as native XML. It supports XML transcoding and pervasive devices such as personal digital assistants, pagers, screen phones and mobile phones and improves integration and interoperability with disparate systems and data formats. The Lotus XML Toolkit will be available for free download from the Lotus Developer Network in September 2000 at 1800 252 AustraliaMapXtreme Java 3.0 is a 100% pure Java mapping server enabling access and analysis of critical spatial information by all departments in a company simultaneously. It ships with a set of visual and non-visual JavaBeans which means developers can use the standard drag and drop set properties mechanism of adding objects to applications.

Pricing: on application. Entry Level price $715 (incl 10% GST) per user/MHz for a single server-based application.

Contact: (02) 9437 6255

Navision Software

Navision software solutions consist of fully integrated functions across all administrative sectors as well as electronic funds transfer and e-commerce and includes multi-currency capabilities, euro compliance and multiple languages. It is also available for the Unix environment.

Pricing: $30,000+

Contact: 1800 358 070


DirXML is a directory integration solution to automatically synchronise data across every directory on a network. It combines NDS eDirectory and Extensible Markup Language (XML), and publishes new and updated information to every network directory specified including directories housed on legacy or customised applications. It includes drivers for Lotus Notes, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, NDS and Netscape LDAP, and also includes a software developer kit to write C++ and Java drivers for legacy and customised apps. It is in beta (demo available on the Web), and is due out in late 2000Pricing: Not availableContact: 1800 244 364 XML Developer's Kit (XDK) contains the basic building blocks for reading, manipulating, transforming and viewing XML documents. To provide a broad variety of deployment options, the Oracle XDK is available for Java, C, C++ and PL/SQL; it is fully supported and comes with a commercial redistribution licence. The kit includes XML Parsers for Java, C, C++ and PL/SQL; XSL Processor; XML Schema Processor; XML Class Generator; XML Transviewer Java Beans; and XSQL Servlet.

Pricing: Download at no charge

Contact: 1300 366 386

Progress Software

Progress SonicMQ is a Java Message Server (JMS). Fully JMS compliant, 100% Java-based SonicMQ provides a full range of messaging features, and includes the XML standard. Because XML is a self-describing format, other system messages, including legacy ones, can be adapted to the XML format.

Pricing: SonicMQ Developer Edition: Free download from www.sonicmq.comSonicMQ Workgroup Edition: $US1000/ServerSonicMQ Enterprise Edition: $US3000/CPUContact: 1800 7764 7377www.sonicmq.comProphecy InternationalProphecyOpen e-Business Portal is based on Java technology to enable companies using ProphecyOpen software to automatically deploy B2B and B2C transactions on the Internet.

The portal lowers the risk for online commerce initiatives, and eliminates the need to duplicate enterprise business systems for the Internet and avoids the current approach of "bolting on" mask-like Web interfaces.

Pricing: from $5900

Contact: (08) 8364 4411

Software AG

Software AG provides three e-business software environment components: Bolero 3.1 application development tools which are fully compatible with XML; EntireX middleware and the Tamino XML database management system.

Pricing: on application

Contact: 1800 064 970


Enterprise Application Server 3.5 incorporates a component transaction server and a Web-page server which enables enterprises to extend their systems from the back office to the Internet.

It provides language neutral support of virtually any type of client including Java applets and applications, HTML, XML, Corba, COM, C and C++. EAServer includes Sybase PowerJ, Java integrated development environment for building enterprise applications.

Pricing: on application (from $980)

Contact: 1800 805 349


e-@ction solutions lets companies of all sizes extend operations into the e-business arena. With more than 60 solutions it can be used across various vertical markets including telecommunications, finance and manufacturing, procurement, e-commerce, CRM, Web publishing, and enterprise knowledge management. Solution development tools for: business intelligence, WAP, e-business transformation, consulting, strategy, development.

Pricing: on application

Contact: 1300 655 640


Viewlocity's XML Connector helps businesses leverage existing investments in EDI while allowing XML integration. It uses Viewlocity's AMTrix integration engine to connect applications across complex supply chains, irrespective of platform or communication format, and enables trading partners using XML formats to share a diverse variety of information such as orders, product design information, forecasts and production schedules.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (02) 9911 7788

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