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Aladdin Tuner 3.0Rating:

PROS:Simplifies finding streaming content; inexpensive..

CONS:Poor search feature; some interface glitches.

List Price:$29.95

COMPANY:Aladdin Systems Inc., 831/761-6200 -Advice:You don't need Aladdin Tuner 3.0 to enjoy the global racket of streaming media, but this program makes finding live streaming content a lot easier.

If you enjoy listening to live streaming media, check out Aladdin Tuner 3.0, an update to a program previously called MacTuner. Aladdin Tuner includes a list of more than 3,400 radio- and TV-station Webcasts (automatically updated whenever you launch the program). Use its maps to find a station, and then double-click on a station to launch your streaming player. Aladdin Tuner supports RealNetworks Inc.'s RealPlayer, Apple Computer Inc.'s QuickTime Player, and Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Media Player.

Aladdin Tuner isn't without flaws: its interface is sometimes awkward, and its search feature often failed to find stations I knew were in its database.

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