Stories by IDG staff

Four for Corner Offices

Frank Hung has been appointed managing director, Mulitactive, Australia and New Zealand.
Genesys Laboratories Australasia has appointed James Brooks as general manager, Australasia.
Data management solutions provider, Iomega Pacific, a subsidiary of Iomega Corporation, has appointed James Payne as the vice president, managing director of Iomega Asia Pacific, and corporate vice president, Iomega Pacific.
AltaVista has appointed Mel Bohse as managing director, Australia, New Zealand.

Jtec wins big regional ATM order

In a week when export orders were being pulled in from all parts of the globe Jtec won a deal to supply ATM gear for a regional backbone network, Third Rail won over the US National Guard, Citadel Securix stormed into a strong partnership in Singapore and Intellect, which just cannot stay out of the headlines, chalked up a sale in Indonesia. And there was still plenty more activity on the home front

Aussie kids log on the Net

The levels of computer and Internet use by Australian children are remarkably high, according to figures released recently by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Len Rust reviews this study and others conducted recently by a range of other researchers

Davnet takes control in Asia

Davnet has moved to take complete control of its Asian subsidiaries and has lifted its presence in Canada, while Telstra has forged another Asian deal with AsiaSat. Not all the business dealings were outward looking, because Web e-mail filter developer EmU Tech and its distributor Lanvision were snapped up by Internet management software developer SurfControl. And offshore, of course, the US markets all turned sour when big player after big player warned investors to expect the worst this quarter

PC Briefs

Sony moves into PDAs, Samsung mobile doubles as digital camera, HP returns to the garage

ASP hosting deal from Agiliti and Intel

e-business software vendor Agiliti has partnered with Intel Online Services to provide managed ASP (application service provider) hosting to global businesses.

B2B marketplaces slowly making it

Business-to-business electronic marketplaces started out with a bang but will stumble over such issues as overly ambitious plans, and the lack of venture capital and suppliers over the next few years. How do we know? Gartner Group told us. Len Rust looks at this research and some of the other recent offerings

Davnet's tall order

Davnet won a contract to install a broadband fibre communications network in the tallest building in the US - Chicago's Sears Tower - while eGlobal International won a similar intelligent building contract in China, then Intellect, which just cannot stay out of the news, cracked a $A3 million contract in The Netherlands. And that was just the tip of this week's news

Chrome finds cheap code-cutters in Vietnam

Chrome Global takes the unusual step of outsourcing its software development to Vietnamese programmers, Powerlan takes its training program to India, and Wavenet builds base stations for Motorola customers around the world. And there was plenty more action around the traps during this very busy week

The speed of light

Using light instead of electrical voltages to perform computations and communications, digital optical computers are said to promise switching speeds and parallelism that will swamp the capacity of today's massively parallel computers

News Briefs

Telco extends into Nth Qld, Tibco upgrades XML authority, IPv6 shown in Hong Kong

Intellect claims an even bigger slice of Europe

At the risk of sounding like Intellect's advertising agency it is only fair that we report that the West Australian smart card specialist has chalked up yet another export order - this time worth a stunning $A12 million. Not all the news for the week was on such a scale, and the pettifogging over the Federal Government's outsourcing strategy just dragged on and on