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Intellect claims an even bigger slice of Europe

At the risk of sounding like Intellect's advertising agency it is only fair that we report that the West Australian smart card specialist has chalked up yet another export order - this time worth a stunning $A12 million. Not all the news for the week was on such a scale, and the pettifogging over the Federal Government's outsourcing strategy just dragged on and on

MYOB buys Hong Kong distributor

Australian software developer MYOB has expanded its presence in Asia by acquiring its distributor in Hong Kong. Closer to home, and the alliance forged with Microsoft by newcomer Needa Solutions headed a substantial list of agreements entered by Australian companies during the week

What's new from...Viewlocity, Oracle, Inprise/Borland, BEA Systems

Integration software provider Viewlocity has its AMTrix application integration product, an integration engine for internal software integration, B2B integration, online trading hubs and supply-chain synchronisation. AMTrix is an end-to-end solution designed to assist all businesses with the transformation to e-business.

HP abandons bid to acquire PwC

Faced with a decline in third-quarter earnings that took a toll on its stock price, Hewlett-Packard last week bowed out of its bid to acquire consulting giant PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

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Baltimore reports record Q3 revenues, New MD for CRM player gears up Aussie operations, KAZ cheques in to banking industry, AOL Australia searches with Looksmart

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Alstom catches MTE , Davnet awards VoIP contract, Unisys West lands WA Justice , Unions fear outsourcing review a whitewash

Tivoli beefs up regional management

To cope with rapid regional growth Tivoli Systems has added some muscle to its Asia/Pacific management team with four appointments. At the same time IT&e lost its chief executive, while newcomer E.piphany named its A/NZ head

Australians rate well as entrepreneurs

There's plenty of get up and go in Australia and, according to a new report, it is holding the country in good stead. Len Rust examines the research that finds there remains nonetheless a fear of failure, and looks at other new findings from some of the big research companies

Iocom giveaway launches export push

Iocom is launching its CRM software suite on to the world stage by giving away copies of its FullCRM package. Closer to home more conservative deals have been taking place

E-commerce: evolve or expire

E-commerce has captured the imagination of business, government, investors, the media - in short, just about everyone. Which makes unleashing the true potential of e-commerce one of the most daunting challenges facing senior manager today. While an alarming number of executives still seem to ignore the issue, a new prototype for the role of information technology in business is slowly emerging.

Australian developer wins sale to British Government

Recently-listed software developer Objective has made a breakthrough into the European market with the sale of a full suite of its knowledge management software to a British Government agency. At the same time Intellect and ERG continued to chalk up export sales and the Australian Government's outsourcing row refused to go away

Cisco acquires taste for Radiata

Cisco yesterday acquired Radiata Communications, an Australian wireless technology developer for $567 million worth of Cisco stock.

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IBM and CorVu sign joint deal, Inprise is Borland

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STC sees 'Beyond', Oracle & HES take to unis, Prices rise as dollar drops, Security company renames