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Programmers find security hole in Netscape's JVM; IBM releases Java multimedia framework; Early versions of Notes and IE 4.01 -- oil and water?; Oracle opens Repository 7.0


What the AT&T-BT alliance could mean for the Net; Industry rumours whisper Intel division sell-off; Microsoft slams Novell's double standards; SGI posts loss

PCs and Servers

Compaq's new Proliant server; HP launches Windows-based terminals; AMD gives Intel a run for its money!; Sun delays UltraSPARC III

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Round-up of interesting Web sites


Lotus, IBM bring a unified voice to messaging; Oracle looking at XML for warehouse repository plan; Domino 5.0 to include availability services

Win 98 might be here, but does anyone really care?

By now, Microsoft's long-scheduled release of Windows 98 should finally be out. But when it comes to managing costs, it is Windows NT that has the attention of corporate managers, not Windows 98, thin clients, Unix or Novell's NetWare.


Motorola to lay off 15,000, expects Q2 operating loss; It's official -- Borland is now Inprise; Mass resignations rock Cabletron; Budget: Y2K tax relief for business; Report shows 25 per cent of all Australians use Internet;

PCs & Servers

Sun Microsystems is getting ready to roll out a 64-bit edition of its Solaris operating system that could enable customers to run mainframe-calibre applications on high-end servers.

Is knowledge management in trouble?

How's it going on the knowledge management front?
Not too well, judging from a recent survey on 25 management techniques conducted by international management consultancy company Bain & Co.

Networking & Telecomms

Cabletron buys into xDSL; Global telco leaders join universal ADSL group; NetWare to be spun off

NetWare 5.0 merges IPX with IP

As Novell's NetWare 5.0 comes closer to its expected mid-1998 ship date, the latest beta release shows the company's commitment to implementing native TCP/IP and Java as key features to Novell's next NOS platform

PC & Server News

IBM plans to release a Hurricane this month -- specifically a Java-enabled World Wide Web server that lets corporate developers pull data out of various legacy systems for use on intranets or electronic-commerce sites.

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A round up of interesting web sites