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IBM and CorVu sign joint deal, Inprise is Borland

Norm McCann takes reins at HP

HP's rough ride without a leader is over as the company has appointed industry veteran Norm McCann Australasian managing director. Over at Sun, Russell Bate has taken a regional role, while down as Sausage the inside-out takeover is having some weird effects

Trysoft lands big Indian alliance

Trysoft looked to India for an international partnership while other Australian companies turned their sights to other countries for international expansion. Even those that stayed at home managed to chalk up some significant alliances this week

IT Spending set to jump five per cent

Recent surveys indicate that IT budgets will increase and application spending will show growth specifically in supplier- and customer- facing e-commerce applications. Len Rust examines the evidence and looks at some of the other recently-released research

The task of co-mingling

What's coming in 2001? Can we make 2001 a better year than 2000? Ah, 2000 was the year we realised things were getting harder rather than easier, the year when only 30 per cent of projects were considered successful, and the year when more dollars were thrown away on cancelled and problematic projects. Len Rust checks his crystal ball to see what lies ahead

SecureNet consolidates in China with banking pilot

IT security specialist SecureNet has completed an electronic commerce pilot with one of the dominant banks in China, while at home KAZ and VeCommerce have also chalked up solid orders and the Federal Government's outsourcing controversy shows every sign of hanging around to cause further embarrassment

Who says Aussies don't have what IT takes?

It is surely time to put a stop to the incessant criticisms of the Australian IT industry that began with the flying visits of a few US bigwigs during the Olympics and have continued in a marathon gold medal performance ever since. For every week that the criticisms have been allowed to sell down the home-grown industry, the critics have been oblivious to the ongoing high-profile export orders being chalked up by innovative Australian players. This week has been no exception. And on the home front the innovation continued apace

MYOB cashes in on new age post offices

Accounting software developer MYOB has not let the grass grow under its feet but has moved quickly to cash in as Australia Post moves into the new economy in a big way. Elsewhere the wheeling and dealing grew more frantic both in Australia and abroad

Competitive Australia

"Wanted a national IT strategy -- flag carriers required for Australia to stimulate the use of information technology in a way that promotes creativity, growth and employment". Len Rust takes up the call

The World is a small Place

Internet access may vary greatly from country to country, but consumers around the globe reveal strikingly similar practices, plans and perspectives when it comes to the burgeoning new online medium. Len Rust examines a new survey from American Express, and samples the latest research from all comers

Big Australian turns to US for new CIO

BHP has continued to yank in Americans to take strategic executive positions. This time the Big Australian has recruited Cassandra Matthews from an energy company in Philadelphia to be CIO. Elsewhere around the traps the tree started shaking at Telstra (as forecast) and some good old faces began doing the rounds again

What's he smiling about?

This week's "Who is this guy?" candidate chose not to be photographed in his luxurious leather chair in his spiffy office, nor did he stand with his back to a view of the harbour. He chose boxes. Boxes as far as the eye can see.