Stories by Byron Kaye

Channel 7 enters 'net domain

Seven Network has announced it has formed an alliance with US Internet group NBC Internet (NBCi) in attempt to create and develop local Web and broadband presence.

Yahoo unfazed by AOL Time Warner

Industry speculation predicts a spree of media convergence to follow in the footsteps of the AOL Time Warner deal, but Yahoo has no such plans.

Solution 6 expected lawsuit all along

Despite a US Federal Trade Commission investigation and a class action lawsuit from Elite shareholders, Solution 6 remains confident the $150.5 million acquisition will go ahead.

Gartner, Baan: ERP is dead

Although this year's plummet in ERP licence sales is expected to end early next year, things may never be the same for ERP.

Sun trials auctioning hardware

Online hardware sales may enter the sphere of the $US15,000+ server locally, but traditional distribution channels should not be affected, says IDC's John Blair.

Gambling inquiry full of problems

If the government bans Internet gambling, regulated gaming sites will be stamped out and unregulated sites will prosper, says online gaming executive David Ohlson.

Y2K - it depends what state you're in

Y2K disaster laws differ from state to state across the country. The Queensland, ACT, NSW, Northern Territory and Victorian governments have amended legislation or had Y2K covered under existing laws, but the South Australian and Tasmanian governments say there isn't any need for Y2K-related disaster emergency procedure legislation.