Stories by Scott Kirsner

How to Get a Date

Remember the service economy? Every once in a while you have an opportunity to interact with it: getting a haircut, an oil change or a spinal realignment, taking the dog to the groomer, visiting a financial adviser, summoning a plumber.

Feature: Must-Haves for a Web site

Recently, I asked a half-dozen Web developers whether they were starting to see common features show up in all of the sites they built.
You'd have thought I was pressing them for a murder confession. What else would you expect from creative types who thrive on doing things differently?

The Ripple Effect, Y2k and the supply chain

No One's Immune to Compliance Problems. Congratulations.You've readied all your internal systems for the coming millennium. You've tested everything and, compared with the rest of your industry, you feel confident that you're well ahead of the curve.

Column: Apocalypse Soon

It was the biggest, best-attended year 2000 conference yet, but it still wasn't enough. "If everyone who should be working on the problem were here, we'd be in Yankee Stadium," said Leon Kappelman, co-chair of the Society for Information Management's (SIM) Y2K Working Group and the Y2K conference's chairman.