Stories by Stephen Bell

Open source ardour cools at WSIS

A push at a series of international "information society" conferences to adopt open source software as an aspect of electronic “common land” has assumed a lower profile with the apparent entry of lobbying from proprietary business interests.

Internet rights body criticises Aussie spam bill

Electronic Frontiers Australia has trenchantly criticised the Australian federal “anti-spam” bill, a phrase EFA insists on putting in quotation marks. The proposed legislation is not really an anti-spam measure, says the online freedoms and rights lobby. In its present form, it both permits some messages most people would classify as spam and prohibits some “unsolicited commercial emails” such as job offers in response to a published CV, which the recipient would no doubt wish to receive.

Open source does not mean open doors

The open source approach to software — “contrary to expectation and tradition” — provides some measure of insurance against security vulnerabilities, says advocate and developer Peter Harrison.

Open-source lions fail to savage Microsoft's Roberts

Putting a Microsoft executive up against a gathering of open-source software (OSS) champions at yesterday's Govis seminar on government and open-source turned out less aggressively confrontational than many had expected.

NZ CCIP chief talks security

Monitoring security issues and making sure all the latest patches are installed on your system could be almost a full-time job for one staff member in a moderate-sized IT department, says Jay Garden, head of the New Zealand government's Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CCIP). And it still won’t confer complete protection.

Borland claims agnosticism in tool wars

Agnosticism is sometimes regarded as a lack of nerve in committing to one set of beliefs, but Borland believes it’s a strength when it comes to marketing development tools.

IndraNet claims first customer for 'mesh' networks

Christchurch company IndraNet has attracted scepticism with its claim to a fundamentally novel way of networking, but it has now obtained a US patent as well as several in other countries and is part-way into its first commercial project with Electricity Ashburton.

An e-meeting of minds

Projects being undertaken by MediaLab South Pacific could bring two traditionally separate electronic presentation methods closer together.

Going, going ... govt e-procurement tool shrinks further

Prospects for New Zealand government agencies’ use of the centrally mandated GoProcure online procurement system have shrunk even further, with an admission that the implementation of requisitioning software to agencies for internal use has proved more complex than expected.

Software should reflect business metrics: CA

As infrastructural software moves to focus on support for the business, rather than emphasising its technical smarts, software companies will have to change their licensing structure to reflect the same emphasis.

Fraud spotter pays off

An investment in a system that uses neural networking to detect potential fraud is paying off very quickly for Westpac Bank in New Zealand.