Stories by Stephen Bell

Corporate chicanery sparks records management interest

Corporate collapses and chicanery and the pressure of public-sector information disclosure laws appear to have pushed demand for better control of information through document management and records management systems.

NZ agencies shy of govt e-buying

With a couple of weeks to go to the New Zealand government's e-procurement deadline, no departments are putting up their hands with enthusiasm.

Australia and NZ unshaken by EDS 'rebalancing'

The New Zealand and Australian operations of EDS will not - for the time being at least - be affected by a pruning of staff in US EDS offices, says Sydney-based EDS spokesman Brian Finn.

Air NZ problem, not net, say travel agents

Although the head of the travel agents' representative body has made negative comments recently about Air New Zealand encouraging online flight booking, he denies having particular concerns about being undercut by technology.

New Zealand carriers get privacy code extension

The Privacy Commissioner of New Zealand's office has extended the deadline for comment on its proposals for a "telecommunications information privacy code" to allow the major telecommunication companies to have their say.

BNZ e-customers paying to boost bank efficiency

BNZ has admitted that part of the reason for charging merchants more for online transactions than cash or Eftpos purchases is to persuade merchants towards "card-present electronic capture terminals" - Eftpos-type devices.

ISOCNZ issues warning on Microsoft software

New Zealand Internet Society director Sue Leader has recommended ISOCNZ members avoid Microsoft internet applications, and if possible steer clear of Windows, as part of their security measures against viruses and worms.

Website Trustmark to come at end of June

From next month, consumers who buy goods and services over the internet will have greater assurance of local merchants' probity up front, and perhaps the added force of an international "seal of approval".

Microsoft disputes Outlook patch 'glitch'

Confusion and, according to Microsoft Corp., inaccuracy and misinformation surrounds a vulnerability in the Outlook Internet Explorer 5 (IE5) combination and the patch issued by Microsoft to remedy it.