Stories by Stephen Bell

Indigenous People Bid to Stop NZ 3G Auction

Professor Howard Frederick has resigned from the Maori (indigenous people) Information Technology and Telecommunications Council, calling Maori claimants' decision to take out an injunction stopping the auction of radio spectrum "a disaster" for New Zealand's emerging knowledge economy.

Outsourcing rates a positive picture

Now that globalisation and B2B e-commerce are driving us to collaborate with other companies, there can be few objections to outsourcing of computer services, says manager of IDC Australia's professional services program Merv Langby.

Study: Private Sector Matches Gov't in IT Failure

Core New Zealand Government and other public-sector IT projects are on much the same level as private sector projects in New Zealand, according to the results of a benchmarking study published last week.

New Zealand to Investigate E-Government

New Zealand's State Services Commission (SSC) is to look seriously at the pathways government may take to hasten the development of electronic government.