Stories by Prins Ralston

The President: Onwards and upwards

Prins says all IT professionals have a responsibility to contribute to the profession and to the development of our future IT professionals

The President: In the long run

Prins says the legal system must consider changing the way it creates new laws to accommodate the speed of change in the next millennium

The President: Harmonising IT

In late February and early March, Prins travelled to Malaysia, Sri Lanka and India for meetings with other national and international professional societies. In this column, he details some of the key themes

The President: The right move

This month, Prins discusses how being an ACS member gives you access to an unrivalled network of expertise, knowledge and advice to help you refine your professional skills

The President: The year ahead!

The next 12 months is shaping up as a watershed year for the IT industry and the profession. Prins Ralston explains why

The President - Fulfilling the promise

When technology was in its infancy, there was much discussion about its potential to not only deliver increased efficiencies to the world, but also to give people more time to do the things they wanted to do.
Despite the promise of a better lifestyle with more time for rest and recreation, we have only delivered on half of the equation -- that of greater efficiency.

A matter of ethics

The value placed on ethical behaviour in Australian society is increasing, something for which we probably have our politicians to thank.
In days gone by, the church and the professions, or guilds, were the main promoters of ethics. More recently, politicians have started to promote their views on what should be considered ethical.
The public is, and rightly I think, sceptical about their efforts to promote themselves in an ethical light.

An active role

So you're an ACS Member, but what does that mean to you? Did you join the Society because you are committed to developing your potential as an IT professional?
Did you join the ACS because you want to get involved in industry issues, because you want to take advantage of the many benefits and discounts available through the ACS, or for some other reason?

The year that was

The year 1997 was an excellent one for the ACS. We addressed a number of major issues and expanded our influence in key sectors
Last year the ACS was active in driving government IT policy at both the state and federal level, lobbying for a greater focus on IT and also for initiatives to
promote growth within the industry.