Stories by Julian Bajkowski

Privacy commissioner to quit in April

After five years in the job, Federal Privacy Commissioner Malcom Crompton has announced he will quit the position in April, issuing a statement in strong support of views expressed by former ACCC boss Allan Fels at the 25th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners last week.

Analysts query Telstra's moves, jobs plan

Less than a month after Telstra issued guidance that it would slash IT costs by half over three years, it has again spooked analysts with confused messages over sourcing and two major contracts awarded to Indian-based software house Infosys.

NSW Police hunt for CIO

New South Wales Police has cast the net for a new CIO in a move that suggests further shakeups in the IT shop and relationships with contractors and suppliers.

Slack practices ease Trojans' entry

Beware of recent worm attacks that may cover up the insertion of Trojans, warns the ebullient managing director of communications software vendor Gfi, Richard Rundle, who adds that enterprises should put the boot into slack outsourcer maintenance of security.

Failure lurks unless CIOs take lead

IT professionals at times are their own worst enemy when it comes to steering the enterprise to success, according to AAPT CIO Bob Hennessy.

Marketing overload loses customers: guru

Better use of customer data combined with new privacy policy auditing tools in databases is fast delivering offers from mass marketeers and junk mailers straight to the dustbin says self-proclaimed futurist and data guru Thom Blischok.

HP pushes OpenView trifecta

Hewlett-Packard has released Australian versions of three new enterprise software offerings as part of a concerted effort to take ground from competitors in the Asia-Pacific region.

Ugly duckling ERP matures

After a troubled youth, ERP projects appear to have matured and are drawing spontaneous applause from users, according to a recent survey.

Judge rules out staff cuts for Crystal

Newlywed business intelligence firm Crystal Decisions will put on staff rather than shed them as the merger between Crystal and Business Objects takes shape, according to Crystal CEO Jon Judge.

Telstra to overhaul billing systems, looks at open source

Telstra is to embark on a major overhaul of its billing systems, switching to predominantly Intel-based, open source architecture in an attempt to rationalise the number of systems and platforms the telco currently operates, Telstra CIO Jeff Smith has revealed at an analyst briefing in Sydney on cost reductions.

Take an iron fist to telecomms deals: expert

IT managers and CIOs should drive dramatically harder bargains to force better service and prices from their telco vendors, according to Keith Willetts, chairman and founder of 400-member communications industry consortium TeleServices Forum. And that's when he's being timid.

Virgin Blue flies solo on cut-price IT for bookings

Budget airline Virgin Blue will stick to its stand-alone bookings system OpenSkies and a Web-based sales model despite interfacing difficulties when processing inter-line bookings from other overseas airlines and travel agents.

Novell CTO tells SCO to put up or shut up

SourceWars, Episode 14: Novell's chief technology officer - and steely-toed Linux evangelist to boot - Alan Nugent has tossed another broadside into the litigious pursuits of SCO, saying that the Utah-based vendor should justify its claims as fact - or quit moaning.

Intercept laws may force data capture downstream

Australia's Internet service and carriage providers are staring down the barrel of stiff legislative requirements to provide law enforcement, intelligence agencies and other authorised bodies with the capability to intercept IP traffic for lawful purposes delegates at the Hack 2003 IT security conference have been told.

Defence science gets vocal about transcripts

Australia’s Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) is developing a networked voice recognition software system to produce a form of transcripts on the fly, according to a presentation delivered to the DSTC Evolve conference in Sydney last week.