Stories by Howard Baldwin

Tech hotshots: The rise of the UX expert

Roberto Masiero vividly remembers the moment in 2011 when it became clear to him that designing a mobile application was a considerably different effort than designing a desktop application.

IT jobs on the other side of the cloud

As more and more companies migrate to the cloud, corporate IT staffers wonder if they'd have better opportunities working for a service provider. IT veterans who've made the jump discuss the pros and cons of working for a cloud service provider.

Nontechie CIOs: translators or meddlers?

As IT becomes inexorably woven into everything a business does, it's crucial to have a CIO who act as a translator between the two worlds. A nontechie just might be the right person for the job. Insider (registration required)

Why passwords are failing us -- still!

Three decades into the digital revolution, passwords are still complicated, ineffective and a drain on IT's resources. What gives?Insider (registration required)

Corporate cloud showdown: IT vs. Legal

Increasingly, IT and legal find themselves facing off over the benefits and risks of cloud computing. Here's how some entities have hammered out a compromise.Insider (registration required)

Should the CIO know how to code?

On the organizational chart between IT Director "Ray Walton" and his CIO is a vice-president of IT whom he considers dangerous.

Coming Soon: More Cross-Platform App Stores?

Even as Microsoft shuts down its Windows Mobile app store, chances are consumers are going to see more cross-platform app store options in the future, according to Shira Levine, directing analyst at Campbell, Calif.-based research firm Infonetics.