Stories by Howard Baldwin

Linux loses its luster as a darling among developers

Linux had a big birthday recently -- its 20th -- but the event may have been a tad bittersweet for its most devoted fans. According to recent results of the annual application development survey from Santa Cruz, Calif.-based researcher <a href="">Evans Data Corp.</a> , Linux has slipped to third place in popularity, behind Mac OS and, of course, Windows.

These Are the Days to Remember

War does funny things sometimes. today, we have the Internet-a redundant network of independent computers-because the federal government wanted to ensure communications even if one particular computer was wiped out by an atomic bomb. It started as the DARPAnet, a Department of Defense project, and today it's bolstering the global economy as never before. And since countries tend not to bomb their trading partners, this offshoot of war is a big contributor to peace.

Emerging Technology

Technology is pushing out the boundaries of the possible. Its potential is intoxicating-except if you're the CIO, who's responsible for managing this technological event horizon as its boundaries become indistinct. But that's technology: The more it advances, the more tenuous its connections, kind of like the ripple that fades after a pebble is dropped into a pond.

Column: Enterprise: Year 2000 Accounting -- An Audit to Remember

It's beginning to look like dealing with Y2K is a lot like checking into a fancy resort where every staff member has their hand out. First it was the programmers, flush with the comfort of a booming job market. Then it was the consultants. Now the lawyers and the insurance companies are getting into the act.