Stories by Briony Smith

Dealing With Workplace Stress

Knowledge workers often think they don’t face health and safety issues, says one expert, but when you make your living with your brain, you have to take care of it. Unmanaged stress can lead to physical and mental malaise, decreased productivity and worse. Occupational health professionals detail how to stay your happiest and healthiest.

IT needs more 'brothers and sisters'

Technology is an international language, but looking around vendor conferences and IT events often shows one major group relatively underrepresented: the black IT professional. ComputerWorld Canada spoke to a variety of black members of the Canadian (and American) IT professional community in search of an answer as to why this is, and whether it's changing.

ISV creates open-source alternative to Twitter

Wikitravel and founder Evan Prodromou launched last week an open-source microblogging tool that will give users -- including those in the enterprise -- an alternative to industry leader Twitter.

Micropayments: what not to do 101

Two years ago, Canadian contactless micropayment vendor Dexit was quietly morphed into the point-of-sale company HDX. No-one cared much.

Intel: Disasters only happen if you let them

Disaster recovery and business continuity is somewhat of a misnomer, it turns out, according to Intel, which has set up a complex internal system of ongoing business continuity planning that render disaster recovery more like business as usual.

Open-source Asterisk appliance takes on Nortel

Media processing vendor Pika Technologies announced Friday that its Warp appliance line is customer-ready and ready to slay the Nortels and Ciscos of the world in a bid for the small to mid-sized corporate tele-space.

Firewall tailored to monitor Web 2.0 activity

Firewall and application control vendor Palo Alto Networks announced last week a few first-to-market features for its PA-4000 Series firewalls that allow organizations to identify and control applications and user behavior.

The IT manager as pack rat: e-discovery advice

Symantec hosted a virtual round table last Friday that touched on some of the e-discovery issues troubling IT managers today, including the challenge of knowing what to chuck and what to keep.

What to do when you drop your hard drive

Eugenio Lopez is an acclaimed ornithologist (read: he digs birds), and a mushroom enthusiast on the side, his hobby inspiring him to discover over 100 new species deep in the heart of the Costa Rican jungle. Nowhere on that CV, however, is an in-depth knowledge of data back-up and recovery, which is what led the man to a unique partnership with data recovery firm CBL, courtesy of a Burlingtonian high-school teacher.

Microsoft Research hits the road with mobile tech

Mobile technologies, from Wi-Fi to RFID, took center stage among the two-dozen-plus prototypes on display for the press last week at Microsoft Research's annual developer show-and-tell, TechFest.