Stories by Adam Bender

Internode announces social mobile plans

A new mobile plan by Internode provides 150GB for social networking. The data bucket includes Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, eBay and Foursquare, it said.

Optus plays well as number two telco: Analysts

Analysts predicted little change to mobile market rankings after Optus reported negative Q1 results. However, its position as the number two telco may not be a problem for Optus, according to analysts.

Victoria to revamp ICT procurement

The Victorian Coalition government sought industry feedback on a plan to overhaul ICT procurement by government departments and agencies. The state government plans to move to an eServices register by July 2013.

How to optimise apps for the Cloud

More than 85 per cent of upcoming applications will be built for the Cloud, but relatively few are optimised for performance, elasticity, resiliency and security, according to HP vice president and IT management evangelist, Paul Muller.

Improving ICT education may take government help

More support by the government for real-world experience in ICT education would produce better and more hirable graduates, said Australian Computer Society Foundation (ACSF) executive director, John Ridge.

Case Study: Medical tech provider virtualises ERP distribution

Medical technology company Stryker has seen high performance and minimal downtime since selecting a virtualised product from Citrix to speed distribution of updates for its JD Edwards (JDE) ERP platform, according to Stryker associate director of Global IT infrastructure, Adam Levin.