Stories by Raphael Fogel

AOL buys Israeli startup Yedda

Time Warner's US Internet giant AOL is once again using Israeli technology to help it battle its rivals. This time AOL's answer to Google and Yahoo! is Israeli start-up Yedda from Kfar Malal, the company said.

IBM storage chief has EMC in his sights

IBM was the first company in the world to present a magnetic disk for storing data. That was in 1956, and the capacity of the RAMAC 350 was about 5M bytes. That was enough to store all William Shakespeare's works.

Dear regulator, is Google taking over the world?

The Googleites seems to just love watching Microsoft twitch. It's as though Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt are Linux-loving geeks who grew up on the milk of Bait-Gates and now seek every opportunity to get in a dig.