Stories by Matthew Nelson

Tower Isn't Singing Blues After Site Relaunch

Kevin Ertell has discovered a simple formula that applies to Tower Records' Internet-commerce site: Every time the Internet technologies manager improves the site's performance, sales rise immediately.

Babylonia virus masks itself as Y2K fix

Virus attacks masquerading as fixes to year-2000 related problems continue to plague networks, but the latest attack allows the virus' creator to install potentially damaging applications onto an infected machine.

New ExploreZip version defies anti-virus systems

ExploreZip, the worm that devastated systems in June, is now back in a compressed version that is slipping through anti-virus security systems. The worm infected several major companies yesterday.

Worm teaches users new security lesson

While many users have learned the lessons of the last years' viruses and now refrain from opening strange e-mail attachments, that practice may no longer keep them safe, following the release of the "proof-of-concept" worm called BubbleBoy.

New word 97 macro virus discovered

A new macro-based virus has been discovered, and is being described as the virus "that will not die until you put a stake in its heart" by antivirus software vendor Aladdin Knowledge Systems.

Melissa spawns deadly offspring

The Melissa virus continues to be the virus that will not die, as two new, much more destructive Melissa variants have been discovered and are spreading across the world via e-mail.

Suppl virus may be hiding on systems

A new virus, Suppl.doc, is quietly replicating itself using some of the same techniques as Worm.ExploreZip, and waiting a week before it starts rendering files unusable, according to a security vendor.

N+I: Heavyweights Band Together on IPSec

Intel, Compaq, Microsoft, IBM, and Entrust announced here at Networld + Interop Tuesday that they are joining forces to provide integrated Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) products.

Warnings go out about cholera worm/virus threat

A new combined worm and virus threat, called Cholera, has been posted to a hacker's Web site and has anti-virus vendors scrambling to provide protection before an epidemic spreads akin to Melissa and Worm.ExploreZip.

Security bug hits Microsoft Java Virtual Machine

A bug in Microsoft's Java virtual machine (JVM), a part of Internet Explorer 4.0 and 5.0, could give hackers complete control of users' Windows systems, a group of security experts said on Monday.

Alerts issued for new virus -- Toadie.exe

Antivirus software vendors are warning their users of a new virus, toadie.exe, which is spreading across internet chat sites and e-mail in the form of an executable program.