Stories by George Nott

ATO: It's prime time for scams

It’s prime time for scams warns the Australian Taxation Office, as it notes an annual spike in the number of email and phone scams reported around tax time.

ANZ first to launch Android Pay in Australia

Customers can now use the mobile payments platform to make contactless in-store purchases using an ANZ Visa debit or credit card or ANZ American Express card. The bank said Mastercard cards were expected to “follow quickly”.

Why Dropbox left Amazon's cloud and built its own from scratch

One in two Australian Internet users in Australia use Dropbox. Worldwide, more than 1.2 billion files are saved to the cloud storage service every 24 hours. And until recently, all those files were sitting in Amazon Web Services’ public cloud.

Samsung Pay launches in Australia

​Samsung Pay launched today in Australia allowing Amex and Citibank card holders to make in-store purchases with their Samsung smartphones.

Salt bath could sooth electric vehicle 'range anxiety'

CSIRO scientists, working with RMIT University and Queensland University of Technology, have now found a way to extend the life of lithium batteries, potentially removing the ‘range anxiety’ surrounding electric cars.