Stories by Samira Sarraf

Kmart Group trains 1400 staff on AWS

Kmart Group will implement a cloud guild training and enablement program to certify its entire IT staff on Amazon Web Services (AWS) by December 2019.

Kaspersky opens threat intelligence portal to public

Kaspersky has opened its threat intelligence portal to the general public with the intention of targeting incident responders and security operation centre (SOC) analysts, working in-house and at managed security service providers (MSSPs).

Cenitex paid price for years of uncertainty

A three-year period of uncertainty for Victorian shared ICT agency Cenitex between 2011 and 2014 prevented it to make future plans, resulting in no investment in technology during the period.

NBN Co focus is in the wrong place

‚ÄčVocus CEO Kevin Russell has said that NBN Co should be encouraging investment from other telcos by providing new competition to "monopoly infrastructure" however this is not happening.

Telstra prepares to switch off 3G network

Telstra has announced it will switch off its 3G network in June 2024 repurposing the spectrum used to carry data and voice calls over its oldest mobile network technology to help grow 5G.

NBN warned over preferred treatment given to some RSPs

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has given a formal warning to NBN Co after it found the company was "discriminating" between retail services providers (RSP) for the supply of upgraded NBN infrastructure to business customers.