Stories by Nancy Weil

Senate report updates Y2K readiness

The US is likely to experience "a bump in the road" as a result of the year 2000 computer problem, but other nations remain especially at risk for economic turmoil and civil unrest, according to a report outlined yesterday by members of a US Senate committee created to track preparedness.

Sun debuts Java Embedded Server

Sun Microsystems yesterday said that the next version of its Java Embedded Server is available now and that a future release will allow service providers to deploy Jini technology.

Gerstner Heralds Post-PC Era

The information technology industry "is in the middle of a historic change" the likes of which occur only every 20 years or so, IBM Corp. chief Louis Gerstner said here today, heralding the "post-PC era" as a time of opportunities and challenges.
Gerstner, chairman and chief executive officer of IBM, delivered the keynote talk to some 4,000 of his company's global business partners -- resellers, systems integrators and other channel partners -- gathered here for the annual Business Partner Executive Conference (BPEC). He also issued a plea: "Please don't run out here saying, 'Gerstner said the PC is dead.' "

Gerstner thinks Y2K is manageable

The year 2000 computer problem isn't likely to cause a "digital winter" that disrupts the entire world, IBM chief Louis Gerstner said here at his company's annual Business Partner Executive Conference on Sunday.

Gerstner heralds post-PC, network driven era

The information technology industry "is in the middle of an historic change" the likes of which occur only every 20 years or so, IBM chief Louis Gerstner said here Sunday, heralding the "post-PC era" as a time of opportunities and challenges.

MCI WorldCom quadruples revenue, income

MCI WorldCom reported revenue and profits for its fourth quarter, ending December 31, 1998, that quadrupled compared with the same period a year earlier.

UPDATE 2: Cisco, Motorola Build Wireless 'Net

Cisco Systems Inc. and Motorola Inc. today said that they will jointly invest US$1 billion [B] over the next four to five years to develop and deliver a global wireless Internet architecture.
As the first step, the companies will develop a "New World" framework for Internet Protocol-based wireless networks aimed at uniting different standards for wireless services worldwide, company officials said at a press conference today during the Wireless '99 trade show in New Orleans.

Online brokerages under scrutiny

In what could be a harbinger of intensified scrutiny, the New York Attorney General's office is conducting an inquiry into online brokerages, and four members of the US Congress have asked the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to do more to protect the rights of online investors.

MCI WorldCom jumps back into Net biz

MCI WorldCom's exit from offering Internet service didn't last long. Not quite seven months after US regulators forced MCI to sell off that part of the business as a condition of merger approval, the company announced yesterday that it is returning to that market.

McNealy: Stockpile Computers for Y2K

Asia is "disastrously behind" in dealing with year 2000 computer issues, so it's possible that the region's vendors will not be able to provide an adequate supply of components, leading Scott McNealy to make a suggestion that he confessed is self serving.
"My recommendation is to buy lots of computers in the second half of this year," the chief executive officer, president and chairman of Sun Microsystems Inc. said during a press conference today at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Yahoo to buy GeoCities

Yahoo is buying GeoCities in a stock deal expected to be finalised in the second quarter of this year.

Progress Revamps Flagship Suite

Progress Software Corp. has released Progress Version 9, a suite for creating and managing applications whose three components -- an application development tool, an application server and a relational database -- have been updated.

IBM Enhances MQSeries Software

IBM Corp. today announced several updates to its MQSeries message-oriented middleware software, designed to make it easier for disparate systems to share data.
John Swainson, IBM's general manager of application enabling and integration, in a teleconference today outlined a point release of MQSeries for a variety of operating systems and also detailed enhancements offered for the various platforms.

IBM reports record Q4 earnings

IBM last week reported record diluted earnings of $US2.47 per common share in the fourth quarter of 1998, up 17 percent from a year ago, with net income of $2.3 billion.