Stories by Paul Heltzel

The 12 biggest issues IT faces today

From securing IoT to retraining IT talent to finding new revenue streams, CIOs have more than their share of concerns keeping them up at night.

Attention, rockstar developers: Get a talent agent

You've heard the timeworn advice: Leverage LinkedIn, post code to GitHub, bone up on the latest buzzy tech. But a little-known career trick is giving some of today's top developers an edge: Hire an agent to find work for you.

How to salvage a (nearly) hopeless software project

Like a carpenter called in to salvage a home repair gone wrong, developers who've been around the block are used to seeing a handful of the same problems. The code gets creaky; bug reports file at an ever-increasing clip; the time spent maintaining the project surpasses any ability to add features to it. At a certain point, the question arises: Can you rehab the code, or should you scrap it and rebuild from the ground up?

Introduce Your PDA to Monday Night Football

Who would have thought convergence would lead to this? I'm sitting at home, PDA in hand, waiting breathlessly for the next Dennis Miller translation from his play-by-play on Monday Night Football.

Blogger: A Web Novice's Design Tool

Updating a Web site is no picnic. To ease the pain, an oddly named Web site called Blogger can help you publish fresh information on your site simply, no matter where the new material resides.