Stories by Jon Brodkin

Israeli researchers map the Internet

Israeli researchers have created a topographical map of the Internet by enlisting more than 5,600 volunteers across 97 countries who agreed to download a program that tracks how Internet nodes interact with each other.

SpikeSource makes hosted collaboration suite available

The open source vendor SpikeSource this week released a hosted version of SuiteTwo, which integrates collaborative applications from a variety of software vendors and automates the process of finding and downloading critical patches and updates.

Microsoft, IBM feel heat from Google Apps

Microsoft and IBM executives Wednesday admitted feeling heat from Google now that the Web search giant is trying to make inroads into the enterprise market with its hosted suite of communication and collaboration tools.

Ellison-backed vendor tackles wasted storage problem

Pillar Data Systems, the storage vendor funded by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, is getting ready to bolster its line of features with technology that helps businesses avoid wasting storage space known as thin provisioning.

What Google bought in the past 12 months

Google is expanding seemingly by the minute, and acquisitions are playing a big role in the search engine leader's quest to rule the technology world. Wednesday Google said it will buy a photo-sharing Web site called Panoramio and confirmed the acquisition of security software vendor GreenBorder Technologies. There are rumors Google will also purchase a provider of online RSS feeds called Feedburner for US$100 million.

SOA adoption crawling at a snail's pace

Despite considerable hype, only a minority of enterprises have adopted service-oriented architectures and most that are using SOA do so only within specific departments or projects, rather than throughout a company, Saugatuck Technology says in a new research alert.

Green computing driven by cold, hard cash

If a chance to save the world from climate change isn't a compelling reason to embrace environmentally sound technologies, there is one incentive large corporations can't ignore -- money.

Analyst firm: Google Analytics not enterprise ready

Google's free Web analytics tool is "not yet enterprise-ready," because it lacks a formal support model and can't perform the deep analyses the market's fee-based products can handle, analyst firm CMS Watch says in a report released this week.

IBM opens sales center in Second Life

IBM Tuesday opened a virtual business center at <a href="" target="_blank">Second Life</a> that will be staffed by IBM sales representatives from around the world.

IBM gathering public input to help Africa

IBM wants your advice on how to spur innovation and economic development in Africa. The company is inviting public comment on the Web until May 25, and the best ideas will help the company shape the agenda for an upcoming series of seven conferences around the world known as the Global Innovation Outlook (GIO).