Stories by Jon Brodkin

What a Microsoft-Yahoo merger would mean for Google

The potential of a Microsoft-Yahoo blockbuster deal probably doesn't have rivals at Google shaking in their boots just yet, but if a merger comes to fruition Google may have to worry about its hold on the consumer search and online advertising markets.

SAAS adopters in for big challenges

Use of software-as-a-service has more than doubled since the beginning of 2006 and will double again by the end of the decade, creating challenges for customers and vendors as they attempt to integrate hosted offerings with on-premise software, according to <a href="" target="_blank">research released this week</a> by Saugatuck Technology, a business and market strategy consulting firm focused on emerging IT markets.

Microsoft SharePoint falls short, analyst firm says

Microsoft Office <a href="" target="_blank">SharePoint Server</a> (MOSS) 2007 does a poor job managing Web content, leading to extraneous JavaScript, difficulties implementing complex forms of navigation, and problems when companies use Web content that needs to be translated into multiple languages, an analyst firm called CMS Watch says in a new report that evaluates content management products.

IBM donates to advance computational criminology

A husband-and-wife team of criminologists is studying how city characteristics such as road layout, shopping mall hours and land use changes affect the frequency and severity of urban crime in a new project aided by US$5 million worth of technology donated by IBM.

Xerox technology responds to 'colorful' language

Xerox researchers are developing a way to change the colors in a computer document using natural language commands such as "make the background carnation pink" or "make the blues slightly less purple."

Open source startup upgrades data integration software

Talend, a start-up that makes open source data integration software, this week released an upgraded version of its product that triples the number of connectors, allows users to run data integration processes in Java, and expands the ability to execute high-volume data transformations.

Google exec says content management systems lacking

A shortage of competition in the enterprise content management field is limiting the type of vendor innovation that makes products more appealing to customers, a Google official contended last week at the AIIM Conference & Expo in Boston.

Oracle details content management road map

Oracle over the next 12 months will release five upgraded enterprise content management products that will integrate its own product line with that of Stellent, a company Oracle purchased late last year.

Startup readies AJAX development tool

Start-up Bungee Labs is launching a beta program to allow Web developers to create and deploy hosted Internet applications and Web tools using Asynchronous JavaScript XML technologies.

CRM for Google out of beta testing

A customer relationship management tool designed to work with Google Apps is out of beta testing and available to the public, the makers of the product announced Monday.

IBM, Yahoo upgrade free enterprise search tool

An upgraded version of the free enterprise search application IBM developed with Yahoo is being released Monday, and includes support for foreign languages, the ability to search metadata, and tools allowing customers to more easily customize the user interface.

10 enterprise software companies to watch

From business intelligence to CRM, from scheduling and e-procurement to database management and data governance, there is no shortage of enterprise applications available to help businesses make their processes more efficient. Choosing can be difficult, however: Do you go open source? Software-as-a-service, or in-house deployment? Every vendor has a sales pitch. Here are 10 worth watching.

Red Hat joins forces with SOA vendor

SOA Software, a vendor of security, management and governance products for services-oriented architectures, is partnering with Red Hat to make its products available with JBoss open source middleware.