Stories by Jon Brodkin

SAP workers in high demand

A shortage of skilled SAP workers is making it difficult for IT departments to fill open jobs and caused the average salary for certain high-level SAP professionals to rise 15.6 percent in the past year, according to Foote Partners, a consulting firm in the U.S. that studies IT workforce and compensation.

Vivisimo search product simplifies index replication

Enterprise search vendor Vivisimo is launching this week a version of its application that can more easily replicate indexes across servers, allowing users to complete searches even when one machine crashes, company officials say.

AJAX not yet the norm, but retailers report success

New research suggests that few large retailers are using AJAX technology on their Web sites, but at least a few companies using AJAX techniques to create interactive Web pages say they have been able to improve customer experience while avoiding prohibitive startup costs.

IT 'crisis' preventing business innovation

Google's general manager of enterprise business, Dave Girouard, said a "crisis" in IT is preventing enterprises from pursuing the type of innovations that allow businesses to grow.

Betting on the IT department

Station Casinos' CIO and vice president of technology, Marshall Andrew, has two big reasons to be nervous this weekend.

Oracle updates business intelligence suite

Oracle this week is shipping an updated version of its business intelligence suite that enhances integration with both Oracle and non-Oracle products, and adds features including a tool that can automatically begin a business process based on pre-determined thresholds.

The software plan for NASA's new space telescope

A NASA space telescope scheduled to launch in 2013 will be built using IBM open standards-based software designed to prevent problems caused when software programs developed by various agencies are incompatible with each other, IBM officials announced Friday.

More power; more heat; more problems

New computer servers are more powerful than their predecessors, but waste more energy, making it difficult to operate systems efficiently and without overheating chips that are becoming increasingly susceptible to hot temperatures, a Forrester Research analyst said Thursday.

The US Army's Web tool on girls, guns, gays and Iran

The U.S. Army has a new recruiting tool on It's called SGT STAR, an artificial intelligence program that can answer questions from recruits in a conversational style. Here are some questions I asked SGT STAR, and his responses.

SaaS now an option for project management

<a href="">EProject</a>, a software-as-a-service provider, is trying to make inroads into the project management field dominated by such traditional software providers as Microsoft and <a href="" target="_blank">Primavera Systems</a>.

Xythos joins SaaS wave

Content management vendor Xythos Software recently introduced an online version of its software aimed primarily at small and midsize businesses that lack the resources to install their own document and file management systems. tries to diagnose Web site problems

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, wants its Web site running as smoothly and quickly as possible. An hour of slow service could cost the Californian company hundreds of thousands of dollars, company officials say.

Primavera bolsters app lineup with acquisitions

Project management specialist Primavera Systems this week acquired ProSight and Pertmaster in separate deals aimed at expanding its software lineup with tools that can help enterprises analyze the most likely outcomes for ongoing projects and view options for mitigating risks as they surface.

Christmas is a busy time for avoiding work

Work productivity notoriously dips during the winter holiday season but a survey to be released Tuesday suggests that employee productivity takes a nosedive for an entire month surrounding Christmas.