Stories by Jeremy Bass

The IT Bunch

And the two most influential individuals in the Australian IT industry are . . . (the envelope please) . . . Bill Gates and Andy Grove. Bill can't be here tonight to collect his shiny statuette because, well, he's graced us with his presence once this year already and we should be grateful for that. Andy sends his apologies, too - being Time's Man of the Year is a big job
OK, so that's those two pretty much out of the picture. Relish this rare opportunity to exclude them from any discussion about who wields what kind of muscle in the industry. We can do that here because, although they may be omnipresent, this is a rundown on the most influential LOCAL players in the Australian IT industry.

What's in a package

Predictably in an industry heavily dependent on professional qualifications, the use of other forms of remuneration to inflate a base salary into a package is not uncommon.
Often there is a considerable difference between base salary and total salary package.

Drawing the line

To treat consultants and outsourcers as a cure-all for internal IT problems can invite all sorts of hassles.
Worse, to consider them as equals to an in-house IT manager calling the shots, is begging for trouble