Stories by China Martens

Sun seeks developer help to make Solaris ubiquitous

Sun Microsystems has ambitious plans for the commercial and open-source versions of its Solaris operating system, hoping to achieve for Solaris the kind of ubiquity already enjoyed by Java. To come close to reaching that goal, Sun needs to reach out more to developers and endeavor to overcome some long-held prejudices against the OS.

Sun wants investors to recognize it as the JAVA company

Apparently it's not enough that Sun peppers any and all discussions of its hardware and software products with liberal mentions of its Java programming language, now the vendor wants Wall Street to sit up and take more note of its homegrown technology too.

VOICECON - IBM to turn Sametime IM into a family of products

IBM is hoping to broaden the appeal of its Sametime enterprise IM software by expanding the current stand-alone offering into a family of products in a bid to better compete with other unified communications players like Microsoft and Cisco.

Workday fleshes out more of its hosted ERP suites

Workday, the startup headed by Dave Duffield, the co-founder of PeopleSoft, put more meat on the bones of its ERP (enterprise resource planning) software Monday with the beta release of its financials on-demand service.

Solaris on z mainframes next on the agenda for IBM, Sun

As IBM and Sun Microsystems laid out a new agreement to have more IBM x86 servers and blades run on Solaris, the two companies were already looking ahead to another partnership, which could see IBM mainframes support the Sun operating system.

IBM extends support for Sun's Solaris

IBM is extending its support for Sun Microsystems' Solaris operating system to cover more of its x86 servers and blades, the two vendors announced Thursday.

LINUXWORLD - OSA debuts interoperability prototype

Nonprofit vendor consortium the Open Solutions Alliance (OSA) made good on its April promise to deliver a prototype demonstrating interoperability between open-source and proprietary business applications in time for LinuxWorld this week.