Stories by China Martens

IBM helps data centers to keep their cool

IBM is to take the wraps off its eServer Rear Door Heat eXchanger, a cooling system for data centers. The water-cooled door helps to resolve data center hotspots and overall cooling issues, according to a company executive.

Industry tries to unite again to tackle spyware

The Anti-Spyware Coalition (ASC), a group of IT companies and public interest groups, is hoping to succeed where a previous vendor organisation failed in tackling the global problem of spyware. The ASC released an agreed-upon draft definition of spyware Tuesday that it hopes will promote public comment and ultimately result in users becoming better educated about the dangers of spyware.

Emulex finally signs OEM deal with Sun

Storage networking company Emulex has signed a non-exclusive OEM (original equipment manufacturer) agreement with Sun Microsystems for host bus adapters, the company announced Monday. User pressure was the driving force behind the deal, according to Emulex and an industry analyst.

Small biz first stop for Dell's dual-core server

Dell is to start global shipments of its first dual-core server Monday. The PowerEdge SC430, an Intel-based machine, is aimed at small businesses. However, selling customers on the benefits of dual-core computing may initially prove something of an educational challenge, a company executive admitted.

Virtualization, regulations to keep disk storage strong

The disk storage systems market is set for continued steady growth over the next four years, according to a report market research company IDC released Thursday. The growth will be fueled by the need to store information to comply with global regulations, the availability of inexpensive, easy to manage tiered storage products and the emergence of new technologies such as storage virtualization.

IBM seeks to boost use of digital certificates by banks

IBM is hoping to encourage banks to make more use of digital certificates through a tie-up with trusted identity company Identrus, Big Blue announced Wednesday. Identrus has certified version 1.5 and higher of IBM's z/OS mainframe operating system so that users of the software can act as their own digital certificate authorities, eliminating potentially costly middleman certifiers, according to an IBM executive.

Dell fills out blade connectivity, more to come

Dell is to unveil an additional connectivity option for its blade server, according to a company executive. Dell also expects to announce further connectivity plug-ins shortly as part of the company's ongoing strategy to reposition blades as general purpose servers.

Bringing Ellison's storage baby to market

Four years of research later and the storage company which Oracle's head honcho Larry Ellison financed is finally moving product out of the door and naming its first customers. California-based Pillar Data Systems is to launch the SAN (storage area network) version of its Axiom hardware, software combo in a couple of weeks, while the NAS (network attached storage) release quietly slipped into the market in April.

Sun to buy SeeBeyond for $387 million

Sun Microsystems is to purchase SeeBeyond Technology for $US387 million in cash in a move to boost its presence in the business integration software arena.

Corel appoints IBM veteran as new CEO

Canadian desktop applications vendor Corel has a new man at the top. Former IBM executive David Dobson is the company's new chief executive officer (CEO), Corel announced Tuesday.

Judge denies Novell's second request to stop SCO suit

The SCO Group's slander lawsuit against Novell is now set to enter the discovery phase after Novell's attempts to again halt proceedings failed. The judge in the bitter legal battle denied Novell's second motion to dismiss the case late Monday.