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  • Apple in, AT&T out of The Dow

    Apple, whose <a href="">stock market value recently ballooned to more than $700 billion</a>, later this month will take AT&amp;T's place on the <a href="">Dow Jones Industrial Average</a>.

  • Remember when Cisco sued Apple over the iPhone name?

    Cisco Systems' General Counsel Mark Chandler, explaining <a href="">Friday's blockbuster patent and copyright infringement lawsuits against switching rival Arista Networks</a> (NASDAQ: ANET), emphasized that "I can count on one hand the number of times we've initiated suit against a competitor, supplier or customer."

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  • The worst thing about tech bubbles isn't what you may think

    You may recall how the last tech bubble 15 years ago resulted in staggering market losses, numerous failed start-ups and increasing IT unemployment. Less noticed was the bubble's eerie correlation to undergraduate enrollments in computer science.