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  • Blogger: Obama to get 'super-encrypted' BlackBerry

    President Barack Obama will keep using a BlackBerry for e-mails, protected with a special encryption package created by government spooks, probably the National Security Agency, according to Marc Ambinder, a political blogger with The Atlantic.

  • Obama plans to keep his BlackBerry

    President-elect Barack Obama told CNN he had a plan to "hang onto" his beloved BlackBerry, but did not explain how he would overcome legal and security concerns..

  • How Obama might get his way on BlackBerry

    Naysayers aside, President-elect Obama appears determined to take office Tuesday with his BlackBerry -- or at least some PDA -- firmly in hand. Here's how experts say he might pull it off -- and what pitfalls he may be underestimating.

  • Verizon releases BlackBerry Storm firmware upgrade

    Verizon Wireless has released a firmware update for its Research in Motion BlackBerry Storm device. The update is now available via the phone's Desktop Software Manager -- accessible by connecting your phone to your PC and running BlackBerry Desktop -- and is expected to go out over-the-air by late Friday evening.

  • RIM lowers outlook with preliminary Q3 results

    Research In Motion's preliminary results for its just-concluded fiscal third quarter fell below its earlier forecast, with economic woes and product delays the prime culprits, the company said Wednesday.

  • RIM steps up consumer push with MySpace, Tivo apps

    Research In Motion, typically considered an enterprise device developer, continues to push its consumer strategy with new services announced Thursday, including MySpace and Tivo applications and a music service for BlackBerry users.