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News about MapR
  • HPE acquires data platform for AI analytics MapR

    HPE has announced the acquisition of MapR which includes its technology, intellectual property and knowledge regarding artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics data management.

  • Transforming government services through big data

    Big data analytics have transformed the way businesses identify trends, challenges and opportunities. As businesses transform digitally using these digital technologies, government departments face the pressure of following suit.

  • DDoS: A real threat that big data can help combat

    Imagine this: you’re trying to access your preferred news outlet online, but it isn’t available. So you try another one, and another one, then your Facebook account, then Twitter, but nothing is working.

  • MediaHub prepares for 10 petabyte future

    Although Hadoop is perhaps best known for underpinning big data-based analytics projects, Sydney-based MediaHub is using the open source project's distributed storage capabilities to deliver resilience and scalability for a mammoth — and growing — archive of broadcast video.

  • Teradata brings MapR Hadoop into the data warehouse

    Enterprise data sets have gotten so voluminous that they can't fit into even the largest data warehouses anymore, many businesses find. Now, companies running these overstuffed data stores have an on-ramp to newfangled, big-data style processing through a combined effort between analytics systems supplier Teradata and Apache Hadoop distribution provider MapR.