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  • 15 insanely stupid Apple predictions

    The years have not been kind to Apple's critics. Here are fifteen laughable predictions that show how Apple has been going out of business since 1984.

  • Steve Ballmer steps down from Microsoft's board

    About six months after retiring as CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer has relinquished his seat on the company's board of directors effective immediately, citing a busy schedule and confidence in the company's current and future financial performance.

  • Microsoft CEO Ballmer to retire in 12 months

    Steve Ballmer will retire as Microsoft CEO at some point in the next 12 months, the company said on Friday, a shocking announcement that comes weeks after he drafted a major business reorganization that's being implemented now.

  • Microsoft reorganization: A quick look at who's in charge now

    In a sweeping corporate reorganization to focus on the company's
    shift from a software provider to a products and services business, Microsoft
    CEO Steve Ballmer has announced changes to his executive team to support a new
    structure that divides the company into four divisions.

  • Ballmer letter about Sinofsky departure

    Here is the letter Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, sent to Microsoft employees about the departure of the company's president of Windows and Windows Live, Steven Sinofsky.

  • Microsoft's latest Windows Phone move: Changes at the top

    Getting a read on how well <a href="">Microsoft</a> <a href="">Windows</a> Phone has been doing has been tricky in recent months, with each <a href="">indication of momentum</a> seemingly offset with one or more <a href="">negative market share or news reports</a>. But Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's memo sent within the company Monday and published publicly by Microsoft indicates Windows Phone 7 probably isn't living up to Microsoft's expectations.

  • CEO Steve Ballmer 'underpaid,' Microsoft says

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer received compensation valued at $1.38 million this year, according to documents filed this week with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. His total package is up roughly 2% compared to 2010, when he received compensation valued at $1.35 million.