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  • Early wins for OnePath's AI insurance underwriting project

    ​ANZ bank's insurance arm OnePath Life Insurance today revealed some early wins for its project with researchers at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) which uses machine learning models and advanced analytics to improve the insurance underwriting process.

  • NBN R&D deal with unis to cover IoT, robotics, AI

    NBN says new R&D agreements the government-owned company has struck with the University of Melbourne and the University of Technology Sydney will focus on a range of areas, including robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), “technology for social good”, programmable networks, data analytics and visualisation with a focus on customer experience, AI, wireless technologies and smart cities.

  • UTS launches quantum programming environment

    As great strides are made towards the creation of physical quantum computers, a team of researchers at University of Technology Sydney have launched a quantum programming environment to help developers get to grips with their quirks and complexity.

  • UTS awarded grant for robotics research

    The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is the recipient of a $320,000 grant to fund the development of technology to enable robots to navigate unknown environments.

  • UTS upgrades webmail system

    The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has become the latest in a long line of Australian universities to announce plans to move to Live@edu, after announcing its webmail email system will be upgraded to provide improved online communications to its some 30,000 students.