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  • In pictures: AusCERT 2014 speakers

    In pictures: AusCERT 2014 speakers

    It’s a case of lucky number 13 for AusCERT as the organisation celebrates its 13th annual security conference on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Delegates have heard from a range of speakers so far including Princeton University’s Edward Felten, Peter Gutmann from the University of Auckland and Telstra’s Scott McIntyre. The conference continues until Friday, 16 May.

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  • Is your incident response plan a living document or a dead letter?

    An analysis drawing on three years’ worth of data gathered by Verizon has revealed that while many enterprises assert they have cyber security incident response plans in place, in many cases those IR plans are poorly constructed and rarely, if at all, updated or tested.

  • When a hackathon gets hacked

    You need to pity the person who came up with what, on paper, probably seemed like a sound idea: Stage a virtual hackathon that will help quickly recruit top-notch development talent.

  • Breach report confirms: People suck

    Even in the wake of high-profile malware campaigns such as the WannaCry and NotPetya ransomware waves, businesses are still failing to get the security basics right when it comes to employee awareness training and patching vulnerabilities.

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  • 5G wireless behind AT&T, Verizon’s big buys

    5G wireless technology, despite some fairly breathless hype, is still in the embryonic stages of development, but the pace is quickening. The major U.S. carriers are racing to buy up critical spectrum that will be necessary for the realization of 5G’s potential.

  • Verizon and Cisco team to bring 5G network pilot program to the masses

    The 5G hype from the World Mobile Congress started early as Verizon said it would roll out pilot 5G network services on the back of Cisco communications gear.
    Verizon said its 5G pilot will be one of the world’s largest and will feature “several hundred cell sites that cover several thousand customer locations.”