Sun debuts Java Embedded Server

Sun Microsystems yesterday said that the next version of its Java Embedded Server is available now and that a future release will allow service providers to deploy Jini technology.

The next version of the Java Embedded Server will include a look-up and registry service component that allows service providers to use Jini technology's "Simply Connect" software for homes, offices and remote environments that connect intermittently to networks, Sun said. The component goes now by the codename "Project Aladdin".

The Java Embedded Server is a small-footprint server designed to extend Sun's reach into the remote environment market. Jini technology, launched recently to great fanfare, was created to allow any device to connect to a network, regardless of the software or hardware used.

Sun also said that the next release of its Java Embedded Server will comply with the Open Services Gateway Initiative's (OSGI's) 1.0 specification dealing with deployment of network services to remote environments.

As for the upcoming OSGI specification, it is expected to be out in the second half of this year. The specification deals with services gateways, which are connection points between enterprise data centers and local area networks (LANs) in homes or small offices. Service providers use the gateways to install, uninstall and administer network applications via the Internet. Banks can use a gateway server to upgrade the functions offered in automatic teller machines at remote locations, for instance.

The Java Embedded Server announced yesterday and available now is version 1.0. The next version will be out in the second half of this year, Sun said. Additional information regarding the server software can be found at

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