IBM Enhances MQSeries Software

IBM Corp. today announced several updates to its MQSeries message-oriented middleware software, designed to make it easier for disparate systems to share data.

John Swainson, IBM's general manager of application enabling and integration, in a teleconference today outlined a point release of MQSeries for a variety of operating systems and also detailed enhancements offered for the various platforms.

Version 5.1 will be available globally for Windows NT, AIX, HP-UX, OS/2, Warp and Solaris in the second quarter of the year. IBM also will enhance the OS/400 version of the software.

MQSeries for OS/390 version 2.1, which is the latest update for MVS/ESA, is available now worldwide with the cost varying by platform and starting at US$3,000. MQSeries server and a link for MQSeries for SAP R/3 on Compaq Digital Unix also is available now and is designed to make for smoother integration of those systems.

The software line has three components: MQSeries, MQSeries Integrator and MQSeries Workflow. All three components have new features.

MQSeries version 5.1 and MQSeries for OS/390 version 2.1 include a feature called dynamic workload distribution that enables automatic recovery when systems fail. Those versions also have new publish and subscribe abilities so that users can share information across an enterprise.

MQSeries for Windows NT version 5.1 has a new default configuration, graphical tools and a programming interface intended to make MQSeries network management easier.

MQSeries Integrator uses an advanced rules and formatter engine from New Era of Networks Inc. and is targeted at IBM business partners that want message-oriented middleware. The new integrator will be available in English for distributed platforms later this quarter and on S/390 next quarter with the price varying by platform and starting at $100,000.

IBM also announced that its education and training division will work with New Era and MQSoftware Inc. on a worldwide training program for new customers and business partners this quarter. Enrollment will be handled by IBM. Information is available at or at

As far as the third component of the line, MQSeries Workflow for OS/390 version 3.1 will be out globally later this quarter with the cost varying by the number of users and processor capacity. The new version lets customers define and executive business processes depending on a specific company's needs.

A graphical build-time client also has been added for Windows NT and Windows 95 operating systems. It is supposed to make it easier for users to visualize, design and alter business process flows.

Customers who spoke at the teleconference said they are pleased with the added features, particularly enhanced scalability and the improved workflow capabilities that can, among other things, allow a transaction to continue even if an online customer has not included all of the information, because the software is able to logically review the transaction and determine where it needs to go.

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