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Cisco quits token ring group

Claiming its customers have little interest in open high-speed token ring products, networking kingpin Cisco Systems announced it had withdrawn from the High-Speed Token Ring Alliance, a vendor association created to drive development of products that run at 100Mbps. Cisco is now pushing proprietary products that let token ring traffic run over Fast Ethernet networks. Such products are already shipping, but standards-based devices aren't expected until later this year after a specification for high-speed token ring is completed.

Optus launches GSM integration for PalmPilotCapitalising on the popularity of 3Com's PalmPilot personal digital assistant (PDA), Optus Communications announced a package to integrate it with Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) modem, fax and data software. Optus will offer its existing mobile digital customers the PalmPilot package, tempting them with a pocket-sized communications centre, neatly packaged in a diary-sized leather case. Users simply connect a PalmPilot to a Nokia or Ericsson mobile phone via a digital modem to access Optus' voice and data communications services.

3Com's new SuperStack hub to Gigabit Ethernet line3Com announced a new addition to its end-to-end Gigabit Ethernet line -- the SuperStack II hub 1000 SX, a full-duplex 1000Mbps repeater. The company describes the SuperStack as a hybrid between a switch and a traditional repeater. It forwards all incoming packets to all ports on the hub like a traditional repeater, and sends and receives information simultaneously, according to 3Com.

The SuperStack has nine ports and also support distances up to five kilometers.

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