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Two months after its first release of BorderManager, Novell is preparing to reveal the second release of its family of security solutions at its BrainShare conference in the US some time this month. The company said BorderManager's most significant enhancement will be Sun Microsystems' Simple Key Management for IP (SKIP) protocol support. Novell will also reposition its Remote Authentication Dial-In User Services (RADIUSes) for Novell Directory Services (NDS) as the foundation for BorderManager's Authentication Service. RADIUS is a server-based interface between NDS and network access servers running the RADIUS protocol, and provides network access servers with the information they need to accept or deny remote users' requests for network access.

3Com's token ring boost

An adapter which will be introduced this month by 3Com will extend the company's policy-based networking scheme into token ring networks by leveraging a little-used priority feature in the standard. A new version of the TokenLink Velocity XL PCI network interface card (NIC) will support 3Com's DynamicAccess traffic-priority software, which is designed to carry out a network administrator's policies on what users and applications should get first crack at the network.

Cisco goes own route with Gigabit Ethernet offeringsAfter insisting it would not release product until the Gigabit Ethernet standard was set, Cisco Systems went ahead and unveiled Gigabit Ethernet gear four months ahead of the standard. However, still missing from Cisco's gigabit network roadmap:

- Higher speed Catalyst backplanes that support tens of gigabit/sec - Layer 3 silicon distributed to Catalyst switch modules for scaling packet forwarding to tens of millions packet/sec - A wire-speed, gigabit router for the campus

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