How 'connected' are you? Your address book tells all

Survey ranks personal connectedness based on job title and contacts

Talent agents and publicists have the most contacts in their online address books, according to a survey released yesterday by Plaxo, a company that provides a service to manage e-mail, instant messenger and other sources of personal contact data.

The company's Job Title Connected Index ranked the level of personal connectedness based on an individual's job title and the average number of contacts in his Plaxo online address book.

According to the survey, which aggregated data from more than 15 million users, including those from 98 of the Fortune 100 companies, talent agents boast the highest number of contacts, with more than 628 in their address books; publicists were ranked second, with 490 contacts.

Rounding out the top 10 were publishers, with 475; executive assistants, 458; heads of a company, 454; casting directors, 442; marketing employees, 376; lawyers, 364; politicians, 332; and event planners, 320.

People who reported their job titles as "IT or Tech Specialist" ranked 24th, with 230 contacts, while Web designers and webmasters came in at 33rd with 163 contacts. Other top-scoring job titles included pastors, 297; real estate agents, 280; and veterinarians, 216. Lawyers trumped judges in the race for contacts, and nurses outdo doctors, the study found. Students came in last in the study, reporting just 46 contacts.

Brett Arthur, a personal technology consultant based in Los Angeles, said he commonly receives requests from his celebrity clients to enable their assistants to access the same shared address book from multiple computers and PDAs.

"The old adage is it's not what you know, it's who you know; today it's also who you can reach," Arthur said in a statement. "If your address book is out of date, what good is it?"

This study is the second Plaxo has done ranking connectedness. The first study compared connectedness by country and found that Argentina -- whose residents have an average of 479 contacts -- is the most connected.

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