MindTouch updates its open source enterprise wiki

Adds features aimed at making it easier for companies to add applications, mashups

MindTouch Monday unveiled updates to its open source enterprise wiki aimed at making it easier for companies to integrate enterprise applications and mashups into the wiki.

The company added a built-in scripting engine to the free, programmable Deki Wiki, which will eliminate the need for companies to use a separate programming environment to add enterprise applications, widgets, external services, or JavaScript libraries to the wiki, the company noted.

MindTouch said that the upgrades are part of what it called a substantially improved 1.8.3 release. The wiki is already being downloaded 30,000 times per month, according to CEO Ken Liu's blog. The Mozilla Foundation, British Petroleum and The San Diego Tribune are among its customers, according to the company.

The new version also features integration with Dapper.net, a free Web-based service that allows users to create feeds from different Web sites. The integration will allow Deki Wiki users to create "dapps" or queries that treat the Internet as one big database that can be queried from directly inside the wiki, MindTouch said.

The company also added native support for Amazon S3, which automatically stores all file attachments online, and multi-tenant support so that companies can run thousands of wikis from a single host. The new version of the wiki is available in nine languages with the additions of Japanese, Polish and Spanish, MindTouch said.

Finally, the new version also adds a new merge engine aimed at easing editing conflicts when one user attempts to edit a page after another user has already changed it. The engine does word-level analysis to merge edit conflicts, and formatting changes to help eliminate corrections.

MindTouch is projecting that from July 2007 to June 2008 it will tally 300,000 downloads, up from 10,000 in its first year of release, Lie noted.

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