15 must-have Firefox tricks

Preston Gralla reveals how to tweak, hack and bend Firefox to your will

13. Use Firefox keyboard shortcuts

Quit mousing around when you use Firefox -- get work done faster with the following keyboard shortcuts.

General shortcuts
Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-D What it does: Add bookmarks
Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-B What it does: Display bookmarks in the sidebar
Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-J What it does: Display downloads
Keyboard shortcut: F11 What it does: Full screen view
Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-H What it does: Display history
Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-P What it does: Print
Keyboard shortcut: F5 What it does: Refresh page

Navigation shortcuts
Keyboard shortcut: Alt-Left Arrow What it does: Back
Keyboard shortcut: Alt-Right Arrow What it does: Forward
Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-O What it does: File Open
Keyboard shortcut: F6 What it does: Next Frame
Keyboard shortcut: Shift-F6 What it does: Previous Frame
Keyboard shortcut: Alt-Home What it does: Go to Home Page
Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-L What it does: Go to the Address Bar
Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-K What it does: Go to the Search Box
Keyboard shortcut: Esc What it does: Stop
Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-T What it does: Open a tab
Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-W What it does: Close a tab
Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-Tab What it does: Go to the next tab
Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-Shift-Tab What it does: Go to the previous tab
Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl- (1-9) What it does: Select a specific tab
Keyboard shortcut: Alt-F4 What it does: Close a window
Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-N What it does: Open a new window

Text shortcuts
Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-C What it does: Copy
Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl plus - What it does: Decrease text size
Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl plus + What it does: Increase text size
Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-0 What it does: Return to text size default

14. Hack Firefox printing

Firefox offers quite a bit of control over how you print your Web pages, including printing headers and footers, what to put in those headers and footers, page margins and a good deal more. To customize printing, choose File-->Page Setup. Click the Margins & Header/Footer tab, and you'll see a screen like that shown nearby.

Most of this is pretty self-explanatory. The top part of the screen lets you set the margins along the top, bottom and sides of the page. The bottom part lets you choose whether to print headers and footers, and choose to print text such as the URL of the page, the date and the time, and so on. Just make your selection from the drop-down list.

You're not stuck with just what's on the drop-down list, either. You can customize your printing as well. Select Custom from any of the drop-down lists, and a Custom text box appears. Whatever text you type in that box will appear when you print. The power of this becomes apparent when you combine this with special codes that use variables. Following are the list of variables you can put into the text box and what they'll do:

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