Blogger: Long wait for Microsoft tech support 'not a hoax'

Some readers call shenanigans on "BIC" claim, but he provides more evidence

Gateway to the Twilight Zone?

Foetusinc at Slashdot agreed.

"Calls logged in workbench that we wanted to follow up on were just left open. Each morning you checked your open tickets, and called the ones that needed calling," he wrote. "No automated dialer either, as some have suggested. If something was left open to [sic] long your supervisor would check on it with you, and it would get closed or escalated posthaste."

Brian reveals his call was apparently about connectivity problems involving his Gateway Destination PC running Windows 95.

A Gateway Destination was an early media PC from the late 1990s that boasted a DVD player and a 32-inch TV-based monitor. Brian still has his.

Brian wrote that a more recent tech support call to Microsoft -- which was returned promptly -- was about a Windows system crash that he theorized was caused by his use of the Google Desktop search tool. But, he added, "Google is not evil. Microsoft is not evil."

Brian concludes his post "Well, gotta get ready for a date 2-night... so over and out."

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