10 tips for a successful video rollout

Here are 10 tips network managers should follow for a successful video deployment

Here are 10 tips network managers should follow for a successful video deployment.

1: Use network monitoring tools to discover the extent of existing video traffic on the network.

2: Develop a corporate policy that spells out what users can and can't do with video applications.

3: Assign a priority level to video applications.

4: Increase LAN bandwidth to Gigabit Ethernet with 10-Gig uplinks.

5: Make sure the company Internet connection is not a bottleneck.

6: Use content filters to weed out applications that aren't mission critical and access to Web sites that aren't approved..

7: Deploy traffic-shaping and QoS tools to compress, cache and prioritize traffic.

8: Think about using a content-delivery network and multicast technology to deliver video more efficiently.

9: Pay attention to storage. It's necessary to store and retrieve videos.

10: Don't neglect security. Video traffic is yet another data stream that can open a company to vulnerabilities if its devices aren't configured and patched properly.

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