The Top 10 -- plus 1 -- funniest YouTube parodies of the US presidential campaigns

YouTubers target Senators Clinton, Obama and McCain in widely viewed humorous videos

With still more than six months to go until the US presidential election, most of us likely will be enduring a slew of serious, straight-laced political television ads until November. But as the first presidential race to take place in the new Web 2.0 world, we can find on YouTube a wide variety of political parodies and funny videos created by supporters - and detractors - of the three remaining candidates.

So to offset some of the doldrums that could be setting in early this year due to the seemingly endless search for the Democratic nominee, YouTube's archives were combed through to unearth the funniest and most clever videos focused on the US presidential candidates.

The videos range from a clever take on a movie in the Star Wars series and a very convincing Hillary Clinton impersonator to several comic takes on the duel between Clinton and Barack Obama. Videos featuring John McCain are also included, as well as one that pokes fun of President George W. Bush on the job search to round out the list.

1. The Empire Strikes Barack

Any excuse to see outtakes of Star Wars is a plus in our book, but this funny video pits Jedi Obama against Clinton as Darth Vader as she urges her opponent, "Don't make me destroy you." With a healthy dose of lightsaber battles and a cameo by Chewbacca, who couldn't like this one?

2. Dear God, Please Make Barack Go Away

In this video, a pretty convincing Clinton impersonator pleads with God to "Send [Obama] back to the Senate and have him reread The Catcher in the Rye. For the love of Ted Kennedy, he is too young. He is barely out of juice boxes."

3. Let it Be - Hillary

Comedian Paul Aldrich sings about Clinton to the tune of "Let It Be" pondering that the senator from New York will "Raise our taxes and raise our children."

4. I Just Heard a Man Named Obama

Aldrich is back, singing about "feeling all tingly like a girl inside" after hearing Obama speak.

5. Obama's Top 10

Obama jokes that when he's elected, he'll rent out the White House Situation Room for parties and double taxes by gambling.

6. Fix That Issue -- the Game Show

Here the Democratic candidates are on a game show where they "try to bluff and manipulate each other into making impossible promises" to voters about fixing the situation in Iraq and providing universal health care.

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