How valuable is training?

Lucent recently released its "Network Professionals' Job Satisfaction Report" and although employees overall are more satisfied in their jobs than they were last year, there are still some issues that need to be tackled.

Several fundamental training and education issues become apparent when you look at the results from this survey. One of the findings that struck me was with the "Training and Skills Ratings" section. One of the questions reads "Our formal training program meets my needs" and respondents overwhelmingly picked "somewhat disagree." Coming in a close second in poor ratings was response to the statement "I am satisfied with my on-the-job training." Scoring only slightly better was "Vendor certification is critical for my career advancement." Equally dismal is the fact that many respondents didn't believe their employers valued the importance of training.

Amidst all this, though, network professionals surveyed said favorably that they are encouraged by their employer to learn new skills and are given the opportunity to learn them.

Respondents criticized their employers' ability to motivate workers saying they were only somewhat satisfied. They were also only somewhat satisfied with the management skills within the organizations and the use of proactive performance reviews.

Over the past six years, respondents say they have shied away from job shifting with a majority only changing jobs once or twice.

On the positive side, survey takers say they are very satisfied with their understanding of their job responsibilities. A majority of respondents say they are proud to be part of their organizations and are happy about the quality of the people in their companies.

Respondents were seemingly unimpressed with reward systems across the board, including their understanding of how compensation is determined and the fairness of their base salary as compared to others in their organization. They also were lackluster about their compensation in relation to their peers in the marketplace.

The best part of the survey was response to work experience. Overall survey respondents seemed pleased with the interest level of their work and the applications for their skill sets.

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